What to Expect at #EatDrinkFestival 2.1: The Festival Special

NOSA:  The Festival Special, available at select vendors, is sampling portion of popular items on a vendor's menu priced no more than N1500. This thing is really my baby so I hope guests appreciate it. 

You'll get cute little trays like the one below and you can go from vendor to vendor loading up on their Festival Special


A bit of the backstory on this. After the last #EatDrinkFestival, there were lots of complaints about price. Even Linda Ikeji published one of those "slice of pineapple cost 1 million naira" jokes. I won't front, those got to me. While we have no control over vendor pricing, we decided to intervene in some way.

We floated the idea of sampling plate priced no more than N1500 to the vendors. I was expecting them to go, "Get out! I'll price however i want", but that wasn't the case. A lot of them came on board and have been really creative with it too.

FOLLY: Going through the Festival vendors before the day and their menus too, is a key to success. Coming in blind will overwhelm you, and especially this year that we have 50 vendors and pop-up restaurant and a Taste Tent (which you should definitely get wristbands to). 


The Smokin' Grill

Grilled Gizzard + Side


Heels in the Kitchen

Rib bites + chicken wings + cajun wedges + drink


The Snail Place

Pick a Skewer: Classic ‘Smoking Hot’ Peppers / Roasted Onion & Sweet Peppers / Coconut, Chili & Ginger / Garlic & Herb / Spicy Pepper

Pick a Side: Yam Crouton or Sticks / Fried or Roasted Plantain / Vegetable Pilaf


House of Grills

Pork + Chicken + Turkey Combo


Cafe de Viande

Main: BBQ Chicken, BBQ Turkey or Pork Ribs,

Side: Garlic Fries or Potato Salad


Majik Juice

Vegetable and Herb Couscous with Grilled Chicken


Ready Steady BBQ

Mini burger + a side


Beef kebab + a side


Treats by Kiks

Oreo Milkshake 


Eko Cafe

Oriental Chicken Skewers with The Sauce


Cafe Jade

Mini Burger + Mini hotdog + Egg/Bacon Croustades + Fries


Captain Licious

A piece of all flavours of the wings with choice of 2 sides


Rum & Passion

Zobo Moscow Mule


Boozy Irish Coffee Milkshake



This one is a surprise. She hinted that it might be her tacos, but you never know.

For everything you need to know about the festival, visit www.eatdrinkfestival.com