There's a Jamaican Food Truck in Lekki

Kingston Kitchen

11 Admiralty Way, Lekki Phase One, Lagos.

0908 569 1865. 0908 569 1867

FOLLY: A few weeks ago Kingston Kitchen popped up on our Instagram feed. 

Their Instagram game, which I believe is atrocious, is to ferociously tag and DM prospective guests. 

NOSA: Which gets annoying after a while

FOLLY: It worked though and our interest was piqued enough to check them out when they eventually opened. 

NOSA: Well, we didn't check them out immediately.

FOLLY: We gave them some time to settle in after they opened and checked them out over the weekend. 

NOSA: This is the 3rd, or perhaps 4th, food truck in Lagos now. The more the merrier, I think. It's all good for the culture. 

FOLLY: I’m sure there are several comparisons to be made with Urban Fuxion but I’ll allow those for the purpose of this review and just focus on the food and not the truck. 

NOSA: The main guy at the truck had a little hint of a Jamaican accent so the passed our little authenticity test. Jamaican restaurants are the new thing in Lagos, aren't they? There are about 3 of them in Lekki already and ~4 in total. This one isn't a restaurant, per se, but you get where I'm going with this. 

FOLLY: We got two beef patties, jerk chicken, and curry goat. 

NOSA: Unfortunately, there was no oxtail available. Super disappointing.

FOLLY: The prices weren’t on the menu so we ordered blind. 


Kingston Kitchen is selling meat pie (technically Jamaican beef patty) for ONE THOUSAND FIVE HUNDRED NAIRA.

NOSA: Yeah, the price was outrageous. It didn't hit until I had to pay for the toll on my way home. Could've topped up my Lekki-Ikoyi toll pass with that money. 

kingston kitchen-2.jpg

FOLLY: That’s absolutely insane. Mango Room sells theirs for N500. Heck, Mr. Biggs meat pie is N260. I’m not going to review how it tasted because no matter how it tasted it can never be worth it to buy it at N1500. 

NOSA: Their patty was a bit of a puff pastry ting. Never encountered that before in my life. 7/11 aren't exactly the purveyors of authentic Jamaican cuisine, but they don't even sell puff pastry patties. Kingston Kitchen might have the Jamaican guy out front, but this was when they started to look fraudulent in my eyes.

kingston kitchen-1.jpg

FOLLY: The only basis I have to compare the Jamaican curry goat is the one I had at Jamski a few weeks ago. Both were very peppery and Kingston Kitchen’s more so than Jamski’s. I didn’t taste any curry spices in this, it was all pepper. Ps. I don't like things that are overly spicy/peppery. 

NOSA: As for my Jerk Chicken, it tasted like every single Jerk Chicken I've had in Lagos, i.e. like Chicken Suya. Jamaicans might have to come out and tell us the truth: Is Jerk = Yaji?

FOLLY: The rice and peas here was very different from all the others I’ve had. It was also the first time I’m seeing kidney beans used and this didn’t have a sweet tinge like the others I’ve had. 

NOSA: If I'm honest, this didn't taste any different from Nigerian rice & beans, which isn't entirely a bad thing. If real Jamaicans came to Lagos, they might be pretty upset.

Oh well, local palates etc etc.


FOLLY: I must add that the food was served stone cold and I had to warm it in a microwave before eating. 

NOSA: I chalked that up to duration of my drive home, but now that I think about it, all I did was cross the bridge.

FOLLY: I didn't even cross the bridge, I drove over the the next street and I was home. 

NOSA: That said, because none of the food is prepared in the truck, you're probably going to encounter plantain that's been sitting out for a while. They can heat it up and what not, but if you aren't eating plantain fresh, there's no point.


FOLLY: Overall, it was an underwhelming visit and I got food poisoning (probably because the food had been cooked a while ago and not stored properly) so I don’t think I’ll ever visit again.

NOSA: I didn't hate it and they'll probably gain lots of fans in the coming months, but there wasn't enough warrant a revisit from me. If I'm in the area and I really wanted to grab a bite, maybe I would. 



Curry Goat - N1900

Beef Patty - N1500

Jerk Chicken - N2000



Not applicable.