What to Expect at #EatDrinkFestival 2.1: The American Honey Taste Tent

In our last post about the festival, we mentioned this but not in proper detail. At the last festival, we had a lot of complaints about not having anything going on beyond the food vendors. Now, we’re not going to have concerts or anything weird like that. We don’t really have the experience with that so we’re not doing that. 

What we have done is reach a compromise and with that, we are super excited to announce the American Honey Taste Tent.

What is it?

In simple terms, it’s a lounge, but calling it a lounge does it a great disservice. It is an experience within an experience. The American Honey Taste Tent was designed for festival patrons looking for a more immersive experience. We talked about taking big risks in our last post about the festival, this arguably the biggest of the lot. 

In addition to an open bar powered by American Honey, the tent will feature the following fun-size activities: 


Wine Tasting

Participants will be educated on and taste the selection wines of from the Brian Munro portfolio, namely Thomas Barton and B&G Wines. 

This activity will also feature a blind wine tasting where participants will get an opportunity to test themselves if they really know the difference between the wines based on taste alone.


Whiskey, Scotch, & Bourbon: What’s the Difference?

Participants will be taught the difference between the various types of dark liquor, the proper way to drink each type, as well as pairing ideas.


SKYY Vodka Flights

The in-house bartender will teach participants how to make a trio of popular vodka-based cocktails using SKYY flavoured vodkas. The Bartender will also teach participants the little tips and secrets to bartending.


Cooking with Bourbon

Chef Imoteda and Chef Benedict will be on hand to create a signature dish that has been infused with American Honey.


Unlike the festival in general, there will be small fee (N3000) charged for access to the tent. You can purchase wristbands (which are very limited in number, like Lunch Club limited) for the tent right now…

…or on Festival day.

We are giving out a couple of Jumia Food vouchers on our Twitter today. Follow us and don't miss all the good stuff.