BBQ & Cravings Revamped Their Menu

BBQ & Cravings

Beside Heroes Furniture. Off Sabitex Hotel Road. Lekki, Lagos.

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NOSA: It's taken me forever to type this post because I'm still trying to recover from the election result. 

Oh, well. Stick to food, Nosa.

FOLLY: 5 stages on gried? I haven't yet gotten to acceptance. Anyways, I'll leave the election analysis and stick to food. About a week and a half ago, BBQ & Cravings announced on Instagram that they were about to an entirely new menu. Nosa and I were pretty excited about it, so over the weekend we went to check it out.

NOSA: They put up teasers on their instagram leading up to it so I was pretty pumped

FOLLY: Our first discovery was that it wasn't an entire menu overhaul but it seemed to be specific to just the burger and the same meats (ribs, chicken, sausages) were still there. 

NOSA: What a disappointment. A bit like the silent Trump vote.

bbq cravings lekki-2.jpg

FOLLY: I was a bit let down when our order came and there was nothing really different between the ribs and the chicken wings from my previous visit. We had their pork ribs a couple months ago and they tasted exactly the same. There’s a certain hardness that's almost like they were fried (I strongly doubt they are) and I don't like it.The chicken wings were definitely also having an off day, incredibly dry and again tasted like they were deep fried. Also, the skinniness if the wings. What’s up with that?

NOSA: I'd rather not talk about the wings. 

FOLLY: Anyway, the most obvious new things that you'll notice on the BBQ & Cravings menu are the sides.

NOSA: The new sides were a disaster for me. Maybe the corn on the cob and the toast had redeeming qualities.

FOLLY: Unlike Nosa, I didn’t think these were all bad. 

NOSA: Well, we can start with the fact that the potato salad was something, but definitely not potato salad. Potato salad shouldn't taste like the stick those assholes gave to Jesus when he asked for water on the cross. The potato salad was ridiculously, for lack of a better word, tart. 

FOLLY: Man you're harsh, but I'm going to blame it on DJT. I’m not a major potato salad connoisseur like Nosa is, so this tasted okay to me. On the coleslaw, I've had it previously and it's been much better so maybe the chef wasn’t in the mood on the day we visited.

bbq cravings lekki-3.jpg

FOLLY: The big let down for me was the beans, I had something similar at Denise Renee and it was so good. Sadly, these reminded me of, and tasted exactly like that sauce that came with the chicken wings at Bar Bar.  

NOSA: Oh God, I hated those too. I was expecting BBQ beans like at Denise Renee and the ugh-ness of them surprised me. 

Maybe, it's me and not BBQ & Cravings. I have never been impressed by their actual BBQ. Maybe I'm a BBQ snob, but it leave so much to be desired. The ribs for instance are so far from tender that it's near unforgivable. On further thought, I don't think I'm the target market. This is Nigerian-style BBQ at its finest and perhaps I need to simply respect it for what it is. 

What has impressed me, however, is the burger roster at BBQ & Cravings.

bbq cravings lekki-5.jpg

FOLLY: The YOLO Burger completely blew me away. It had ham, salami, beef, prawn, and crab.

NOSA: I loved this one so much. Never thought I'd like a burger with prawn in it, but oh boy, I was so wrong.

bbq cravings lekki-6.jpg

FOLLY: They didn't cut corners and each one of the meats and seafood came through  in the burger. I’m also really fond of the honey mustard-ish dressing that was used in this.

NOSA: That actually sealed it for me. The honey mustard was perfect for this. But then again, I love honey mustard so you might have to excuse me.

FOLLY: Overall, I’m a fan of the new burger.



FOLLY: A must visit for the new burgers. 

NOSA: Absolutely



YOLO Burger - N4000

Cravings Sample Platter - N4000




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