Ask Eat.Drink.Lagos LXXVII

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    Thank you for all your great reviews!

    Please have you tried the seafood fridays at Radisson Blu, is it any good? I’m planning an outing next month for a seafood lover. Want a place where a group of about 10 friends can hang out on a Friday night, with some good food. Any other recommendations would be appreciated.

    Thanks a lot.


    FOLLY: I'm afraid that I've never tried the seafood Fridays at Radisson Blu so I'm not sure how it is.  If seafood is essential, you could check out La Taverna where I'd advise you order the large seafood paella to share, or check out Ocean Basket. 

    NOSA: Seafood Fridays sounds like a themed night at a club.


    FOLLY: LMAO I can't believe that's a real flyer. 

    Subject: Best Suya Spot in Lagos

    Message: Great Job Guys, I’ve been an ardent follower on all your platforms and you guys never disappoint!

    So I’ve had this long running debate on where the best Suya Spot in Lagos is for a while, Some of my people swear its Glover Court-which i vehemently disagree with! I’ve tried several spots and have my favorite in terms of taste,flavor and all! So i’d like your opinions!
    — P.E

    FOLLY: Honestly, I don't know. I'm not very passionate about suya but I'm sure that if I pose this question on Twitter we're bound to get several differing strong opinions. 

    NOSA: Yeah, I don't really have strong opinions on Suya to be honest. It's all debatable dog meat to me

    Subject: Birthday lunch on a Sunday

    Message: Hi, can you please recommend a restaurant in ikeja with great meal, good ambience for 5-6 persons on a budget of 30k. Thanks
    — M.O

    FOLLY: That's < 5K each and so is incredibly limited. Maybe Harzoyka

    NOSA: If you're really crafty with your ordering, you can probably make Sheraton Ikeja work

    Subject: Are there any good authentic Nigerian food restaurants?

    Message: Hi I love your blog! I love the upgrade to the site too btw, you’re definitely getting there!!

    So I noticed that most/all of the restaurants you liked serve eastern or western foods, but certainly not “Africentric” dishes, much less Nigerian foods. Or at least they don’t seem to be highlighted as much. I’m often asked about the wealth of Naija food by friends unfamiliar with the culture and the truth is “I GOT NOTHING!” Help! :)

    Maybe you can highlight some amazing restaurants that actually service Africentric cuisine? Or perhaps they don’t exist? dunno! Either way, if you could, it would help BIGLY! :)
    — D.K

    FOLLY: It definitely sound like what you're looking for is Nok by Alara. We've been for dinner, lunch, and brunch.  

    NOSA:  Nigerian restaurants in Lagos are all trash as far as quality goes. If quantity is what you value, then you can try Jevenik or Yellow Chili.