Ask Eat.Drink.Lagos LXXX

Subject: Coming to Lagos From Chicago - Dec 26-Jan 2

Message: Hi EDL! I am coming along with a group from Chicago for my very first trip to Africa next month! We will be in Lagos from Dec 26 to Jan 2. Can you please suggest any must do’s or must see’s specific to Lagos for our time there? Thanks in advance and talk with you soon!
— E.M

FOLLY: Hey, obviously the first thing you have to do is come for our food festival on December 27 at Eko Atlantic. It's free admission and we'll update this site over the next month with all that will be happening -

While you're in town, my top picks for where you should check out are Terra Kulture and Nok by Alara

NOSA:  On things to do, check out the Rele Gallery and maybe catch a play at Terra Kulture. Oh, you should definitely go to The Shrine.

Subject: Office Christmas Party

Message: Hello,

Hope you’re doing good. I am planning my office christmas party and I would like to get suggestions on two things:

- restaurant with a good ambience, good food (reasonably priced) and good cocktails
- or a venue with a nice ambience as well (We’ll get the food and drinks catered)

We are expecting about 50 guests, including staff.

Thank you so much for your help. Expecting a response soon!
— Bisi

FOLLY: Nok by Alara, except your colleagues eat Akara out of newspaper every morning, then they won't like it. 

NOSA: 50 people is a lot of people for Nok so I'll say you don't do that. I think you should have a look at Cactus or RED in Eko Hotel.

Subject: Hang out

Message: Hello, please can I get a nice location for hang out that can accommodate about 10-15 people. Thanks
— J.A

FOLLY: This is exceptionally broad.

Most Lagos restaurants can easily accommodate at party of 10 - 15 which the exception of Orchid Bistro, Deli's and La Brioche. I mean I don't even know whereabouts in Lagos you want this recomendation restricted to, your budget, ambience, cusine prefernce, or anything. 

Chicken Republic can accommodate 10 - 15 people but so can Eko Hotel 1415 Signature, as can Crust & Cream. 

That said, these are all the restaurants we've visited for the blog. I advise that you use a random number picker to select one cause that's exactly what you've asked us to do. As long as it's not one of the three I excepted earlier, it'll be big enough for a party of 10 -15. Enjoy!

Subject: Location for Church Group Party

Message: Hi Guys,

Please I need location suggestions (semi-private) for a group of c.30 people for a Church group party.
The location may include food,buffet, etc.

Thank you!
— P.D

FOLLY: Nosa and I saw a church group having lunch at Zenith Water Margin once and they looked exceptionally comfortable so that's my top recommendation.

If you're on the Island, Spice Route has a private room and they also do a buffet on Sundays. 

NOSA: Or try the Four Points buffet

I recently discovered your blog and only just started following you on IG. First things first, i love your reviews on the restaurants visited, its very original and i almost see myself eating with you guyz (lol)
You do a very good job.
Please i need you to help me with affordable restaurants for proper date night with my partner that is very affordable..The Budget is 10k to 15k(recession oh please around the Island too
I look forward to hearing from you
— S.I

FOLLY: Thank you for the kind words. 10 - 15K for the both of you is actually a decent budget. You can do Casper & Gambini's comfortably with 15K if you share a starter, do two mains, but stick to water.

NOSA: Or Crust & Cream or maybe Sao Cafe (in Lekki)

FOLLY: Enjoy your date! 

Subject: Help!

Message: Hi guys. Pleasant evening I hope. So I’m a bit of an OCD person and my birthday is in two months. It’s a big one and myself and my best friend and a Couple (really more than a couple) of friends want to have dinner and we are totally at a loss for where to have it. We have a budget of 10k per head(economy is horrible). Do you have any suggestions on where can comfortably take about 15/20 people and not kill our pockets? The help would be super appreciated. Thank you so much. Have a pleasant evening.
— A.M

FOLLY: BL Restaurant. Crust & Cream. La Taverna Lekki

Subject: Lekki restaurant

Hello Guys, Great work you guys are doing, Please what restaurants can someone go to in Lekki with a friend or friends(Not too expensive) just for fun during this festive period
— S.A

FOLLY: Hey! Thank you. Check out La Taverna Lekki.