Ask Eat.Drink.Lagos LXXIX

Subject: Number of restaurants visited

Message: Hey guys how many restaurants have you so far home and abroad
— O.O

FOLLY: I'm afraid we haven't been keeping count. But here's a list of all the restaurants we've reviewed on the blog. 

NOSA: I counted once and it was 130ish, but that was a really long time ago. Like, early this year.

Hi Guys,
I just found your blog and it is absolutely amazing. Is there a place in or around surulere where one can have a nice sit-down lunch date?
— U.O

FOLLY: Zenith Water Margin. 

NOSA: Unless, you don't mind going to BheerHugz in the mall

Subject: Best Chinese Restaurant in Lagos

Message: Hi

Stumbled upon your blog as I was searching for the best Chinese restaurant to take my mum to, as I’m on hols from the UK and I’m not familiar with the restaurants. She loves Chinese and I could only find 3 that you’d reviewed. I’m neither a mainland/island snob and will go wherever for an excellent meal. Your help is appreciated and thanks for your reviews thus far, as I’ll defo visit some of them.
— Ally

FOLLY: Pearl Garden or Oriental Garden. 

NOSA: Red, if you're fancy.


Message: Hello guys!

I loooooooove your blog, saving taste buds since the 90’s.

Ok so I want to take a special someone out to dinner, but i want a fun kind of dinner. not something withe the whole serious menus. My budget is about 20k.

Thank you
— D Dee

FOLLY: Thank you :)

BL Restaurant. BBQ & Cravings

NOSA: If it's a date and it's nothing too serious, you can also take them to Deli's

Subject: Help with our decision for a Bridal Shower Venue

Message: Hello EDL,
Please help. We are trying to find a venue for a bridal shower. We need somewhere not too expensive within Victoria Island - Sanusi Fafunwa, Adeola Odeku.

Thank you
— Q-A

NOSA: Spice Route has a pretty decent space for what you want. If you don't like Indian, however, you can go a couple blocks down to Casper & Gambini