Ask Eat.Drink.Lagos LXXVIII

NOSA: I really want to start sharing my playlist of the week on these Ask posts, but I don't think Folly will let me. smh.

Anyway, to the questions this week...

Subject: Restaurant that accommodates plenty?

Message: Hi guys!!
Do you know any restaurants that can seat about 40 for lunch or dinner? Preferably on the island (However, if you know any on the mainland pls recommend). No budget yet because we might be splitting bills.

I LOVE your blog btw!
— N.O

FOLLY: Spice Route. 1415 Eko Signature. RED @ Eko Hotel

NOSA:  There's Zen Garden in Ikeja and Pearl Garden in VI. Both are absolutely massive on the inside.

Subject: Bridal shower

Message: Hi,
I’m looking for a place where i can host a bridal shower dinner for 15people on the island. My budget is about 70k, preferably somewhere that would let us use some decor and have a good conversation....however if if the place is nice enough i could scrap the decor.
— E N

FOLLY: La Brioche and La Veranda.

The thing with the La's is purely coincidental lol. 

NOSA: Brioche is better for a brunch while Veranda is great for dinner.

Subject: Christmas

Message: Hi,

My family and I would love to find a nice fancy restaurant where it’s ok to dress up and also serves good food in Lagos during Christmas day

Thank You
— O.O

FOLLY: RSVP or 1415 Eko Signature

NOSA: I'm going to put good money on NOK having an interesting Christmas menu. 

Subject: Place for Birthday dinner

Message: Hey guys!

I need help with picking a place to have my birthday dinner. The budget is N150k, for 20 people with drinks included. I’m looking at having appetizers for people to share and then one main and having birthday cake I’m bringing as desert. I’m looking for somewhere in VI preferably.

Thank you so much!
— Dee A

FOLLY: Craft Gourmet.

150,000 / 20 = N7500 per person. 

N1500 pp for the appetizers for the table (just do hummus).Then, each person can choose a main that's a maximum of N4,500k. You won't be able to do alcohol but if you average out at  N1500 per person for drinks you can do Craft Gourmet's juice jugs for the table to share.

NOSA: You can probably give them Velvett with that budget. 

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