EDL Taste Test: Bistro 7 Pizza

FOLLY: I'm not sure if pizza is entirely brand new to the Bistro 7 menu but right now Bistro 7 is all about their pizza on the restaurant's Instagram page so we thought we could switch up the EDL Taste Test and check it out for the series. We could have gone to their new outlet at the Palms to get pizza by the slice but Lekki traffic, so we settled for the restaurant. 

NOSA: They're probably the first and only place in Lagos to sell pizza by the slice, right?

FOLLY: I was feeling a little bit greedy (this pizza was the first thing I ate all day) so I asked them if they could do a half and half i.e. Half Meat Lovers and half Pesto Chicken.

bistro 7 pizza-3 copy.jpg

FOLLY: It didn't really work out because see, we got a full chicken pizza with green sauce spread on one side and bacon sprinkled on the other. 

NOSA: A little lazy on their part.



bistro 7 pizza-2 copy.jpg

FOLLY: Bistro 7 pizza prices are on par with other restaurants like La Veranda, La Taverna and Pizze-Riah. The pesto chicken cost N3800, while the meat lovers cost N4000. Obviously, we got charged the higher of the two for a mixed pizza. 

NOSA: About par for the course with pizza anywhere in Lagos



bistro 7 pizza-6 copy.jpg

FOLLY: The crust was faux thin. I'll let Nosa explain. 

NOSA: If you look really closely at the crust, you'll notice it's not actually a thin crust pizza. The pizza itself was baked in pan like the one below


If look closely, you can see this from the way the cheese spills out and the defined thickness of the crust. 

So yeah, it's not "thin crust" per se like the one below

The crust isn't a problem actually. I just wanted to show off my observation skills and put the experience from Fluid Dynamics lab to use.



bistro 7 pizza-5 copy.jpg

FOLLY: Bistro 7 is for the most part generous with the toppings but the meat and pepperoni were noticeably absent on what was to be the meat lovers side. Regrettably, also, that green sauce was not pesto. 

NOSA: I thought they were a bit lazy with the pizza. We asked for half of a Meat Lovers and the other half a Pesto Chicken. What they made was a Meat Lovers pizza with chicken and a splash of pesto on one half.

bistro 7 pizza-4 copy.jpg

The cheese kept sliding off the pizza also. Not in the normal pizza way, but in a "Mr. Cheese was just stuck here so he's sliding away" type of way. 



FOLLY: I don't think I really got what we ordered but that didn't frustrate me as much as it would on another day because maybe I, too, was doing the most asking for the half and half. That said, it's a good enough pizza if you're already at Bistro 7 but I don't think I'll pick it over the more established pizza places, Pizze-Riah,  for example. 

NOSA: Bistro 7 pizza is basically homemade pizza. That's cool and delicious if you do it a fun weekend project thing, but not if you come to a restaurant and spend real money in this economy. Long story short: it's ok, but it's a no from me.