Ask Eat.Drink.Lagos LXXVI

Subject: Response to an ASK EDL post

Message: Dear Ladi , in all honesty your message doesn’t make any sense at all like it is plain gibberish . You’re looking for where to eat quickly ? It’s probably your impatience that made you not notice that there is a link right at the top of the website that redirects you to all restaurant that has been visited with a map of the restaurants lovation too. Please check well before you start dropping your Nigerian-ness anyhow .
— Zara

NOSA: Lol...Zara is president of EDL-hive. On a serious note, we gave it some thought and decided to redesign this way as compromise. A bit of the old and a bit of the new. You can always view the "old site" with, however.

Subject: Where to shop

Message: Hiya! I’m sure you guys would be able to help. Where can I possibly find the following items:

Tortilla wrap

Fresh salmon

Greek yogurt (the real thing oh... lol)

American type bacon


American sweet potatoes

I’ve searched and I can’t seem to find all of these goodies. 

Many thanks!
— Lola J
  • Tortillas - Delis (VI). 
  • Fresh Salmon - La Pointe, Rennie’s (Ikoyi), Delis
  • Greek Yogurt - Deli's or the Nigerian made variant at Green Grill House (Lekki). La Pointe might have also, but not sure. 
  • American Type Bacon - Haven’t really found American-type bacon in Lagos. It’s more often Spanish ham.
  • Bagels - Delis has the frozen ones from Delifrance. La Pointe too. 
  • American Sweet Potatoes - Delis, again. It is “seasonal”, however, i.e. it’s only available when their shipment comes in. There’s a guy that grows them in Ogun State (??). If you want a connect, we might be able to hook you up.

If any readers can help, please jump in

Subject: updates on the festival

Message: traveling this december, but would not want to miss the festival. Any updates on a date?
— mr d

NOSA: We’re looking at late December. We’ll be able to confirm the date in a week or two.

Subject: birthday dinner date for two

Message: so i’m planning a nice romantic birthday dinner for the beau. suggestions pls, nice ambiance, great food and stuff. Suggestions pls. budget is like 18k. Places where we can do buffet would be nice too.
— DS

NOSA: Do you want a place for dinner and one for a buffet?  

Dinner - 1415

Buffet - Four Points. You can’t really get a romantic buffet anywhere, but Four Points is as close as it gets. 

FOLLY: Definitely, 1415. 

Subject: Reasonably Priced Drinks on The Island

Message: Hi guys, I’m looking for a chill place to have drinks on the island. That’s not too over priced and also has great cocktails. 
What do you suggest?
— C.O.

NOSA: Cafe Royale probably makes the most affordable drinks on the Island.

FOLLY: If you really want to get the nice drinks, just splurge and go to RSVP. 

Subject: Brunch suggestions

Message: Hey! I don’t know if this is a service you charge for (lol) but I am looking to go to brunch/lunch with a friend on Sunday with a 10,000 budget and was wondering if you had good suggestions. Preferably on the island. 

Thank you!
— Nkiru

NOSA: I’m going to be predictable and say Craft Gourmet because they have the cheapest mimosas per liter.

FOLLY: And I'm going to agree with him cause he's right. 

Subject: Birthday Dinner

Message: Hi Folly and Nosa,

Please I would appreciate your advice on a venue for a dinner of 3.
It’s my birthday in a couple of days.

This what i am looking out for :

1. Good Ambiance

2. Awesome food 

3. Reasonable prices.
Budget is 40-45k.

Please reply.

Thank you so much.

— Lanre

NOSA: I want to say RSVP or Nok, but I figure both won’t meet your “reasonable prices” criteria. If I am correct and that’s the case, you should go to Vellvett.

FOLLY: La Veranda and Sakura too.

Subject: Small Kiddies’ Birthday Party

Message: Hi!
Can you please advise any food outlet like a restaurant (so one doesn’t necessarily have to pay for space) for a small kiddies’ birthday party say max 50 people? Budget is 150k.
Any island or mainland venue is welcome.

— Kiki

NOSA: Spurs

FOLLY: Chicken Republic. 

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