EDL Weekender: We Found Good Cinnamon Rolls

EAT: Cinnamon Rolls from Vanilla Bakehouse


NOSA: Ok, this isn’t a physical location, but we ordered these last weekend and they were absolutely amazing. So yeah, you should too.

FOLLY: They don't travel beautifully but when you warm them up, they taste so so good. 

NOSA: We’ll probably put up a review next week. Check out her Instagram for ordering deets.


DRINK: De Terrace @ Filmhouse IMAX, Lekki

NOSA: There aren’t any decent IMAX worthy movies out right now, but there’s this pretty sweet rooftop bar at the Filmhouse IMAX. The bar is powered by #EatDrinkFestival regulars, Drinks.ng, so it should be worth it.

FOLLY: Whoop! This is round the corner from my house :) 


LAGOS*:  New Threads (Exhibition Opening) 

Screen Shot 2016-10-06 at 11.56.13 AM.png
New Threads is an exhibition that brings together seven leading and emerging contemporary artists from Ghana showcasing 69 unique paintings on canvas and jute, sculptures and photographs. The month long exhibition which opens to the public on Monday October 10th , 2016 at Temple Muse, is a testament to the evolving artistic ecosystem of our longstanding neighbors and art in Africa as a whole. New Threads is premised on a modern fabric of creativity woven within the context of an ancient loom of rich artistic ancestry, but presented in contemporary colors and expressions that address current global issues.

EMEKA: We can never say no to a new art exhibition. If you're looking to catch some cool creations while enjoying some nice small chops and champagne, this is your place. 
Time: 2:00PM-5:00PM
Fee: Open to All
Contact: +234 708 726 4853 or  info@temple-muse.com
Location: Temple Muse, 21 Amodu Tijani St, Victoria Island, Lagos

* Curated by NothingToDoInLagos.com

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