Ask Eat.Drink.Lagos LXXII

NOSA: Well...this is late, no?

FOLLY: We had an excuse. 

Subject: Indian Restaurants / Restuarants that serve Indian cuisine

Message: Hey guys,

Firstly i will like to thank you guys for the Orchid House recommendation you gave to me. I took my parents there for their anniversary celebration and they really loved it :):).
This time please i will need info on good/the best Indian restaurant(s) or restaurants that serve Indian cuisine in Lagos (Mainland/Island).
Thanks in advance :)
— vycky

FOLLY: There's only one Indian restaurant I'm familiar with on the mainland which is Harzoyka in GRA. While on the Island, I'd recommend either Spice Route or Sherlaton. 

Subject: Private dinner

Message: Hi guys, where on the mainland can I host about 30 people to a private dinner on a budget of 200k? I’m thinking of somewhere nice because it’s a really special occassion.
— M.S.

NOSA: Maybe Zen Garden or Crockpot at the Sheraton. You might not get a 3-course at the price, however.

FOLLY: Or Zenith Water Margin.  

Subject: Send forth dinner party for a Top Management Boss

Message: Hello Eatdrinklagos,

My name is N and i work for an advertising agency in GRA Ikeja, Lagos.

One of our client (redacted) will be saying goodbye to one of their top management bosses and welcoming a new one.

We would like to treat both outgoing and incoming bosses to a sendforth/welcome dinner party at an exclusive/premium lounge/restaurant in Lagos Island.

Kindly proffer suggestions for a restaurant/lounge of premium reputation and other activities that can accompany the evening, besides dinner.

Thank you.
— N

NOSA: Sky Lounge sounds like what you want.


Subject: party ideas

Message: Hello,

I am planning a bday party for about 50 people and would love to have a garden party at night with good with a budget of about N10K per person. Any ideas please.

Thank you.

— Anjola

NOSA: Arabesque would be perfect but I doubt their outdoor area can fit 50 people comfortably. Actually, I don't know any restaurant with an outdoor area that can fit 50 people.

FOLLY: Orchid House in Apapa has a gorgeous garden if you're willing to do Apapa and again I'm not sure whether it can take 50 people. 

NOSA: If you're willing to compromise, Arabesque is what you want. Well, if you like Lebanese food. Otherwise, maybe Crust & Cream.

FOLLY: Or maybe if La Taverna lets you take their entire backyard. 

Subject: Friday Night Dinner

Message: Hi EDL,

Can you please suggest a cool restaurant with great food and very good music (not too loud though) where friends can have dinner on a friday.

— S.O
Subject: Anywhere cool in yaba?

Message: Hi guys. My coworkers want to hang out this Friday but don’t want to go too far I.e they want somewhere chill in yaba that has great food, good ambience and not too pricey. It’s also sort-of a send-forth party so somewhere we can be a tad noisy and take good photos will be great.
If there’s no such place, I guess we can settle for VI/ikoyi.
— Mo Aa

NOSA: Yaba doesn't have any place that's cool like that. At best, there's Lihao. Otherwise, it's scraps. 

VI/Ikoyi, there's Eko Hotel rooftop. They have the Sky Lounge menu so it's decent. There's also Maison rooftop, but the food is a bit of a dead and expensive ting.

Need help with a location to propose or break up with your girlfriend? Caught your boyfriend cheating and want to punish him with an expensive dinner?