Ask Eat.Drink.Lagos LXXIII

I was at a party this weekend and someone asked, "Why don't you guys have like a Question & Answer service? Some place where people can just ask where they can take girls on dates too and stuff."

Hmmm...why don't we?

As always, if you have any questions for us, use the link below

Subject: Birthday dinner

Message: Im planning a birthday dinner for say 20 to 30 people. Any ideas on really nice restaurants lekki/VI preferably please....
— R.I

FOLLY: Le Verandah but that's just off the recommendations in this post. You didn't give any pointers on budget or cuisine so I'm unsure how to really help you make a decision here. 


Subject: Where’s the food love?!

Message: This blog has such a great and sexy name but I wish you all were true foodies. Enough complaining!!! We know how bad Lagos food, service, etc. can be. Why not tell us about the delicious meals we should order or what we can appreciate (even love!) about a certain food spot? Or where to pick up take out for a lagoon-side picnic? Introduce us to new flavors, ingredients, spaces. Do something new, exciting, complex. Right now you’re promoting the same mediocrity that is why we don’t have more interesting food spots in the first place. Where’s the love?!!
— W.O

FOLLY: You can find all the restaurants that we liked here.  You can also find information on our next Lunch Club by signing up here we usually have restaurant owners or private chefs create interesting unique menus for our group. You can also attend our Brunch Series with Jameson, the next one has some pretty fun cocktails. Lastly, how about #EatDrinkFestival, the December edition is going to be a real treat. 

NOSA: I'm not really trying to be a "true foodie" tbh. I'm a grumpy old man that complains about everything. 

Subject: Birthday Dinner

Message: Hi Guys, I’m thinking of having a birthday dinner with about 15 people with a budget of about 5-6k per head. Any suggestions of places on the Island I can go to?
— Y.O

FOLLY: If that includes drinks, Crust & Cream. If it doesn't include drinks, still Crust & Cream and maybe 411 or Casa Lydia.

NOSA: Hmmm... 411. Yeah, I guess. 

Subject: Anniversary dinner

Message: Hi,
Please I need a good restaurant in VI. not too pricey, has great food and good ambience. Thanks a lot!!
— M.A

FOLLY: Craft Gourmet by Lou Baker.  

NOSA: BL Restaurant. Definitely BL. 

Hello All,

Saw your review on our lounge, as much as we appreciate your candid opinion, we believe you shouldn’t go as far as tarnishing our brand.

You should remember that first and foremost you are a food critic, not a brand demolisher. Objectively critizise and push those brands to get better, not tarnish the brand.

The repeated comments you have made about us are too harsh and we don’t believe that is what your brand stands for. Find attached your comment and a picture of Sailors Lounge.

We have no control of the water front, we can only clean our immediate environment daily.

Furthermore , for the food, you may have not had a good experience the day you went, but we’ve worked on our food and we believe it’s better and keeps getting better daily.

Lastly, as food critics (if that’s what you still do), you aren’t meant to tarnish a brand or close down a business, you are meant to make these brands better by criticizing their food objectively and giving room for growth of these organizations. Especially the indigenous ones like Sailors Lounge. Instead of spending your time growing and praising foreign brands.

The day I watched you both(Nosa and Folly) on African Voices, I was proud to be a Nigerian and to associate myself with you. We love seeing our local brands grow and we try our best to encourage.

Find another link I just came across while typing this message ( ), it’s as if you are being paid to tarnish our image. Everyone said good things about our brand, apart from you guys.

What’s done is done. The major reason I felt I should send you this message was because I believe you can do better with the platform God has given you. The path you are on now isn’t the way forward.
— Manager

NOSA: The comment you bring up is not from a review because we haven’t done a Sailors review. It is from our weekly reader questions. Do not strip it of its context. But since you’ve brought it up, your waterfront needs fixing. You might not be able to “change the water”, but the least you can do is clean up the rubbish that floats around it. Charging extra for people to sit in front of it is absolutely ludicrous. 
There are no biases in the content we produce. Some of the best restaurants in Lagos are Nigerian-owned and some of the worst are foreign owned. We don’t “favor” foreigners and we most definitely don’t get paid to “tarnish” restaurants.

Want to know why Nosa is so grumpy? Why Pogba is the most expensive midfielder in the world but can only play in one formation? Ask away...