Ask Eat.Drink.Lagos XXXII

Happy New Year, friends!

Subject: Pool side or Water side Restaurants

Message: Hello guys, Please i am looking for restaurants that have good food, a serene environment (preferably an environment by the pool or by the water) and good pricing. My sister’s birthday is coming up soon and we looking for a place to host like 15-20 people. List of restaurants with the above description would really be appreciated. Thanks guys in advance
— MG

FOLLY:  Maison Fahrenheit poolside looks nice on Instagram. My waterfront suggestions are Bay Lounge and Sailors in Lekki 1, and Radisson Blu

NOSA: RSVP Pool (not good if you want to eat), Churrasco's.

Mate I need suggestions for somewhere I could go on a first date. I don’t even know if I can call it a date sef.
I just need to go somewhere to chill & waste time. Needs to be cheap too 😁
— Special K

FOLLY: Terra Kulture!

NOSA: Lekki - Sao Cafe, VI - BBQ R US.  Mainland - Spurs or the Coffee Shop in ICM or Hans & Rene in ICM

Hello, I’m looking for a good healthy meal plan in Lagos. Please help.
— TM

NOSA: I have no particular experience with any but there are a couple popular ones:

NOSA: Southern Sun. Casa Lydia. Samantha's Bistro. Olivia's Cafe. Clear Essence.  Wheatbaker.

NOSA: Orchid Bistro. Zen Garden.