We Hardly Knew Ye: RIP Posh Cafe & Petit Paris

NOSA: The restaurant business is one of the hardest things to get into, especially in Lagos. We’re a fickle market (EDL included tbh).

FOLLY: We need you guys, please, don't stop reading our blog - we need you. 

NOSA: Last year, a couple of decent restaurants dropped out of the battle with rice at home. We’d like to take some time out to pour out a little liquor for two spots that we kinda liked but are no more.

Posh Cafe

NOSA: Some time in December, one of our followers tweeted us about Posh Cafe’s number being out of service. 

NOSA: Another said the place was no more so we decided to do some investigation for ourselves. I drove past the place a couple of times and it was pretty much ghost town. 

FOLLY: I also called the numbers we had for them but no answer. 

NOSA: We did a little internet sleuthing and found the owner’s social media accounts. 

FOLLY: Mostly, Nosa tbh. Okay, I creeped her Instagram too. 

NOSA: Now, her bio still says she’s the CEO of Posh Cafe but it also says she’s the CEO of Bacchus, which is kinda no more. That “Elite Host” website doesn’t exist anymore. 


NOSA: The last thing she, and the Posh Cafe Facebook,  posted about Posh Cafe is this Independence Day party that I don’t think anyone went for. 


A shame because people actually liked the spot.

FOLLY: At least I did, the wings were really really good.

NOSA: We’ll miss you, Posh Cafe. Your wings were amazing and your Henny Berry was even better. 

FOLLY: I watched the bartender make the Henny Ginger once so thankfully I know how that one is made. I'm making pitchers of it at the next party I throw. 

Petit Paris Cafe

NOSA: This one looked like it had been coming for a while. They barely updated their Instagram with actual restaurant shots.

FOLLY: In the owner's defense, she says she's coming back with a new location. So we should probably give them more time before we call it. I honestly don't want them to disappear yet as I never got to try their Crème brûlée.  

When, and if, they do relaunch, it'll be nice to see a new menu with some French inspired food so their name is not just for bants. 

NOSA: You might think we’re reaching with the Instagram theory, but Instagram creeping yields lots of gist. How else do you know when that girl you’ve gauging has left her boyfriend? Just ask The Shade Room, the babe has built an entire empire off Insta creeping. 

FOLLY: All facts! So what are some of your favourite restaurants that didn't make it to 2016 ? We'd really like to know.