Ask Eat.Drink.Lagos XVII

Subject: Surprise Birthday for 10 - 12 ppl.

Message: Afternoon Nosa and Folly. Trust you guys are doing great. Let me just say again that I am a groupie and an “EDL” addict. I really look forward to attending one of the lunch clubs. The last one was sold out in less than 5mins. Believe me, I tried. Anyways, back to the matter, I am planning a surprise birthday for my sister on friday for about 10 -12ppl. I would like you guys to suggest a cool venue on the Island, food and drinks, decent price. I have a budget of N10k per head. Thank you.
— AJ

NOSA: At 10k/head, I'd say you guys of with La Veranda

As for the next Lunch Club, the next one might have more tickets. In fact, word on the street is that tickets are out today. 

Subject: Lunch date help

Message: Hello, I’m planning a surprise lunch for 2 for my husband’s birthday on Sun Sept 13. I’ve been looking through your blog for a place to go but I’m so confused.

Please could you recommend where we could go to have lunch? Somewhere with great food (we love GREAT food), good selections for starter, main and dessert and lovely drinks. I’m on a 20k budget.

Would really appreciate your help with this.

Thanks and regards,
— O.E

FOLLY: If 1415 did lunch I would have helped you call to make your reservation but sadly they don't. If you're willing to compromise on dessert, I'd recommend RSVP. It's really sad but their dessert menu leaves much to be desired, in comparison to the rest of the menu which has great starters, mains and drinks. 

NOSA: I think you should try Insignia. If you guys split the dessert, you might be able to cram it all in your budget. Don't get the calamari and get the truffle mac n' cheese. 

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