#ThirstyThursday: The Best Happy Hour Specials In Lagos Right Now

Lagos has an overwhelming amount of shitty happy hour specials. For example, we went to the Calabash Bar at Eko Hotel for happy hour once and were told that the happy hour special applied to specific beers and soft drinks. Like any sane person would spend 10 hours at work on a Monday and head to happy hour to drink half price fanta.

Honestly Lagos is a handful. If we were all Nigerian Mothers and Lagos was our child, we'd probably tell that kid "I didn't kill my own mother and so you cannot kill me" everyday. The roads are pretty much obstacle courses, the traffic never ends, and our governor pops bottles at 57; but hey we have better electricity these days. 

For all Lagos puts us through, we really deserve these drinks specials after work.  A little while ago, along the way in our seach for the best happy hour specials in Lagos, we decided to start cataloging what we found on our "sister site" 234.Rocks. We're not nearly there but it's a healthy start. 

That said, the weekend is nearly here so we thought it right to share the best four Happy Hour specials we've found so far. Honestly, we really can't even find five solid deals. 


Half Price Pitchers at Cafe Royale


After Bottles, Cafe Royale has the second best margaritas in Lagos. Shame Bottles never puts theirs on "sale" aka happy hour. Thankfully, Cafe Royale does daily from 6 to 8pm and you can get their margarita pitchers for N3000. A pitcher has about 6 servings so that's N500 per glass. You can't beat that. Once again, 6-8pm M-F, 50% of beers, wines and margarita pitchers. 


N5000 Fishbowl at Lotus @ Pattaya


Just ignore the lack of Swedish Fish and other candies, and how it's not like the fishbowl you know. For N5000, you get a bowl full of alcohol. That's all that really matters. 


Ladies Night at Four Points

ps this isn't our picture but we really needed to show you how chilled the space is

ps this isn't our picture but we really needed to show you how chilled the space is

Four Points has the realest Ladies Night in Lagos, and it also has a great view to go with it as the Office Bar is on the rooftop. On Thursday evenings, ladies get free drinks from "the Empress Menu" (a bunch of Ciroc based cocktails). If you're a guy and you go there with a lady, the bartenders will occassionally remind you that you're a guy and so there will be no free drinks for you. 


Half Price Beers at Pat's Bar


Sure, it's just beer but it's a little different at Pat's.  Beer at Pat's is already quite cheap so it's super cheap when it's 50 % off. It's pump price cheap at Happy Hour, which is worth celebrating considering how Lagos bars/restaurants are unbelievably expensive. Their happy hour is 5 to 7pm M - F. Oh, their Cottage Pie is delicious and is only a cool N1500.