Ask Eat.Drink.Lagos XVIII

Hi, it’s my birthday next week..I want to go for dinner with my family. Please suggest nice places on the island that I can go for a meal and also places I get delicious Chinese takeout. Thank you
— A.E

NOSA: For Chinese Takeout, check out Yin-Yang in Lekki. As for your birthday dinner, it depends on your budget and what exactly you're looking for. You can check out our 5 favorite restaurants this month. 

Subject: Birthday brunch

Message: Hi guys ! First of all I really like your blog . pretty cool stuff.
Its my birthday in about two weeks and I’m considering brunch . Maximum of ten people . please recommend the best place .P.s I’m on a budget :)
— B.C

FOLLY: Crust & Cream, I think it's one of the decently priced options available.  

NOSA: "Best" and "budget" don't really go together in Lagos. If you want the best, you're going to have to pay a lot. But if you're looking for "bang for buck", yeah you can't go wrong with Crust & Cream.

I really enjoy your blog ! I hope I can make it for lunch one of these days.

I will appreciate your advice - I am planning a corporate event but I want a plated service (3 course meal) for about 100 people in October.

Please can you recommend places with great food and service who can accommodate that number .

I look forward to hearing from you.
— U.O

FOLLY: Thank you! We'd love to have you at the lunch club. I think Spice Route could work well for this, if you rent out the entire upstairs. 

NOSA: Or you can try RED in Eko Hotel. They have special set menus and I think it can take 100 people but you'll have to check it out because I'm not too sure. 

Hi guys!!!!!,

I’m sure you hear this from everyone but I loooove your blog and can’t wait to meet you guys at one of the lunch clubs.

I’m looking to have a small birthday get together on Sunday so I was thinking brunch that’s not “make me soak garri for the next month” expensive and that isn’t Southern Sun as well for about 10 people. Any ideas??

— T.O

FOLLY: Haha thank you. Sadly, we don't hear it from everyone oh, look through the comments of some posts and you'll find lots of naysers. I think you should do Bistro 7, I absolutely love their brunch although it's a plated menu. If you really want to do a buffet style, I think Four Points is your best (affordable) bet. 

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