Ask Eat.Drink.Lagos XVI

Subject: Bars on Bars on Bars

Message: Hi guys, just discovered your blog and it’s quite amazing. I have been on the island for a couple of months now lekki to be precise and i have been looking for a decent bar where my friends or just me could chill come rain come shine, come anyday, anytime of the week. Decent ambience, decent prices. Can you guys help pleaaaaasssssseeeee?
— T.L

NOSA: All Lekki bars have "Lekki prices" so I'm not sure which one I'd recommend. Maybe Sailors, but their prices have brain touch too. I'd say you cross the toll to V/I and stop by Pat's Bar. The prices are pretty decent and it feels like a bar, not a lounge. 

FOLLY: It's actually terrible. With the exception of the waterside, there's really nowhere you can get a decently priced beer or cocktail in Lekki. It's such a shame. Please correct me if I'm wrong in the comments. 


Subject: A Quick Suggestion

Message: Hi guys,

I really love the work you guys are doing and putting into Eat Drink Lagos (is it okay if i called it EDL?). Absolute fantastic stuff. Really!
I just wanted to make a suggestion of putting your ratings on your reviews. Preferably individual ratings and maybe an average.
Folly: 9
Nosa: 7

My reasons are as follows:
- I checked out the ‘Spots’ section and it is listed in alphabetical order. So ideally if i wanted to visit a place, I would have to go through it alphabetically or randomly. But if you there’s a sorting system or a number beside each then it might make it easier.
- Second reason is, it’s easier to digest the gist I guess. So many blogs/articles/posts to check out these days, so it kinda makes it easier (imo).

Please forgive me if there’s actually a rating system on your site and I have completely ignored it. “Doh!” *In Homer’s voice*. I would gladly withdraw my initial statement. Although EDL Essential counts sort of, so there’s that.

But keep up the good work. Who knows where this might end up? After all there are 36 states in naij. Plus people might use you guys as the benchmark like “Which?”
— T.A

NOSA: So we actually do have a rating system. It's pretty new so we haven't really implemented it across all reviews. 

FOLLY: We know this isn't really the typical ask question, and we'd normally just respond to this type of email privately, but we realized we had never officially introduced the rating system so here it is. 

NOSA: By design, it isn't a numerical rating system. While a numerical rating system will be easier to digest, we feel it will be very problematic. For instance, say we gave RSVP a perfect score. A new place opens up that's significantly better than RSVP. That new place has come in a disrupted our whole thing. 

What we have chose to do, however, is answer one simple question - did we like it. In this situation, a better restaurant may pop up but it won't wreck our system. The new restaurant doesn't mean we like RSVP less. 

FOLLY: At the same time if we liked a restaurant and so used the relevant picture to rate it and someone comes along to say they hate the restaurant, our rating system to a reasonable degree reflects the subjectivity that's attached.