Ask Eat.Drink.Lagos XII

Subject: Annoying Picky Eater

Message: Hi Folly & Nosa , Could we be best friends? Loooooool........ I really love your blog, its a 100 shades of AMAZING. my friend is getting married soon and I’ll love to take her somewhere nice , I’m a big foodie and food is the least of my problems (I’m a size 6, don’t judge me pls ) , my friend on the other hand is a picky eater, she likes messy foods, but hates bbq & Cravings (I on the other hand am a die hard fan ), is there any other place you can suggest pls help before I loose my patience and strangle her.

P.S : I signed up for your Lunch Club
— P.

NOSA: You might have to strangle her. 

FOLLY: I'm at my wits end cause I really can't think of anywhere that will give you anything that's messy for a picky eater. So I'm just going to go off course and suggest my own.  Does she like wine ? You can take her to Winehouse of Foreshore Harbour.

She might even like Grills In & Out - she gets to cook her own food in the self-grill and hence decides what goes inside. I think that's a double win. 

Thank you so much for the compliments and hopefully we get to meet you at The Lunch Club soon.

Subject: Birthday dinner for 2

Message: Hi there. Thanks so much for your service. My husband has asked where I’d like to go for my birthday dinner. It’s just the 2 of us. Where would you recommend? Lovely food(menu with lots of variety), great dessert, cosy and romantic ambience... I’m sure you catch my Many Thanks. Cheers
— T.I.

NOSA: 1415, no debate. Get a corner table and make sure you spend all his money. 

Subject: Good spots for a date

Message: Hiya,

Please can you recommend good resturants for a date in lagos ?

— Dee

NOSA: Basilico, 1415, or La Verandah

FOLLY: Izanagi or Sakura, if you want something with an Asian flair.

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