Ask Eat.Drink.Lagos XV

Subject: Liquor Lover

Message: Hi Folly, Hey Nosa.
So I’m bored with taking my liquor straight, in the confines of my home, alone :( and this has led to my body craving cocktails ( really strong ). Biko suggest a place(s) that would make my liver happy. Thanks .
P.S. Is Day Drink Lagos a thing yet ?
— O.I

FOLLY: This may come as a shocker following the recent Chocolate Royale scandal, but Cafe Royale is actually pretty good for cocktails. Just do not order the food whatever you do. Once you find yourself needing food, leave the establishment right away cause if you stay, it would unfold into a series of terrible decisions. Trust me. 


FOLLY: I'd also recommend RSVP for great cocktails. The Copa Del Lebanon has been my favorite drink since January. 

Finally, if you're a wino La Taverna and Winehouse are great picks. 

We're still trying to make #DayDrinkLagos a thing, we even created this guide

Subject: Dinner for 10 or more..

Message: Hi,going to be 21 in sept and i need a good place,with good food,resonable prizes,good view for pictures..what do u suggest?
— M.O

NOSA: View? Cactus or Sky Lounge or Uptown

Sky Lounge and Uptown are a bit pricey so those two are out. Cactus is reasonable and has a nice patio.

Foreshore Harbour is another outside one. 

FOLLY: I'm not sure about Foreshore Harbour because it's not proper food like that, it's platters. I guess it really depends on your price point, Uptown has a great view.