Ask Eat.Drink.Lagos XIV

Subject: Dinner for two

Message: Hey there,

Awesome Blog!

I am looking to take my lady out to celebrate her 30th birthday. Looking for somewhere with a beautiful and classy ambience and tasty food. Somewhere she will remember. It’s on Wednesday.

Do you have any recommendations?

Much thanks,

PS: Can I get an invite to Lunch Club? :)
— G.G.U

FOLLY: Hey! Thank you. 1415 is where you want to go. Or, RSVP

NOSA: You can join the The Lunch Club HERE. We send super secret emails each month with everything you need to know about the month's lunch. 

As for your date night, definitely do 1415. 

Subject: Leave VI and LEKKI!!!

Message: I totally agree that the island has many nice restaurants because of you obodo oyibo returnees, but I think you should try the mainland too in the spirit of “eating through the struggle”!! Some of us do not have time to be going to VI because we want to eat. #nothappeningunlessidrugandkidnapbae . so for us readers that looove food but can make the island, I think you should do a mainland tour. Tour thoroughly okay?! #touroly.
-_- sick joke!
— A.O

FOLLY: Hey! If you have any restaurants on the mainland you'd like us to check out, please send us a message we'd be happy to check it out.

NOSA: Seriously, finding spots on the mainland is pretty difficult. We have a couple on our To-Do list, but not as many as we'd like.

FOLLY: In the meantime you can do a search on the blog for "mainland" and you'll be able to see all the spots we've visited there.