Ask Eat.Drink.Lagos XIII

Subject: Great Food On the Mainland

Message: Hi Nosa and Folly.
Really really love your blog.
Okay quick one, my friend and I would like to meet up somewhere after work on the mainland for good food and drinks somewhere with a good vibe too.
And would really like to avoid the Ikeja Mail because of how crowded it can be. Can you help with any suggestions. Thanks.
Keep up the good work xx
— TL

NOSA: Orchid Bistro on Isaac John is the one.

Subject: Almost 21

Message: Hey! Love your blog. I will be turning 21 soon and I am hoping you guys can recommend nice restaurants on the mainland for a birthday dinner. Ambiance is important to me as I plan to be all dressed up. Good food is obviously very important as well. A place that also happens to do nice cocktails would be a plus. Thank you in advance.
— O.K

FOLLY: I honestly have no idea, so I'm throwing this our to all our readers. Please leave your suggestions for O.K in the comments. Thank you!

NOSA: If Chinese is your thing, give Zen Garden a look. It's plenty fancy for a Chinese spot. 

Subject: Lagoon restaurant

Message: Hey, so my dads bday is coming up soon and we are throwing him a surprise bday dinner at the lagoon restaurant, I checked your locations section on the blog and it is not there, just wanted to ask if you’ve been there and how you feel about their food if not, pls check it out . PS love ur blog, keep it up
— V.O

FOLLY: Hmmm I've been before and I really don't like their food but that's a personal preference. So I won't go as far as to say not to have your dad's birthday party there since that's probably a family decision.

NOSA: Churrasco? Don't do it. Reconsider.

FOLLY: However, if the decision is not set in stone, I'd definitely advise you consider some other options. Have you been to Spice Route?