Ask Eat.Drink.Lagos VIII

Hey Guys,
how are you doing?
Lovely blog... your reviews are amazing..
going straight to the point, its end of Year in my office and My team and I met our numbers (which at some point seemed impossible)
Now the CFO wants to take us anywhere we want to go to.
abeg help!!! this is a blank Cheque and I wanna choose somewhere really really fun and Nice.
Money is not an issue here as oga has promised to go all out !!!
it’ll be nice to go somewhere someone wont go to everyday.

Thanks... :)
— Y.O

FOLLY: 1415 at Eko Signature, without any hesistation is what first came to mind when I read your question.  It's not a place you go everyday and the food is one the best I've ever had in Lagos. Izanagi would also be nice too. Ps. Nice on meeting your target!

NOSA: I've never been to Talindo Steakhouse, please do it for me. Let me live vicariously through you.

Hello Sir,

Interesting blog you have.

I need a suggestion for a perfect stake house. I have not had stake since I returned from England. I ordered one at Bottles and what came was not stake. I also need stake that won’t break my bank.

I await your kind response.

Best regards
— O.I

NOSA: You're never to find a "cheap" steak that's worth it. Not in Nigeria. Not anywhere. If the steak is cheap, it's probably shit. #FreeGoodAdvice

FOLLY: Yeah, Bottle's is definitely not what comes to mind when I'm thinking about steaks in Lagos since their specialty is Mexican. I'd recommend RSVP and 1415. You'd pay a pretty penny as either of those places though

Hey! So I really really love your blog! Anyway my boyfriend’s birthday is coming soon! Okay, it’s September (3 days before mine) but I like to plan ahead hey. I’d love to do something really nice and different for him. Dinner style for two but I have absolutely no idea where to go. Any suggestions please?! Oh, I’m on a budget too.
— S.U

FOLLY: You're cute and like me, I love planning things like this way in advance. I always start thinking about options way too early. I like La Taverna because it's nice and very affordable, they also have a good wine list. Ps. their house wine isn't rubbish like at most places, so you can just get two glasses of house white/red so as to save on a bottle. 

NOSA: If Winehouse had decent food, they'd be perfect for this. Alas, they don't so i'm with Folly, go to La Taverna.