Ask Eat.Drink.Lagos XI

Subject: Girls hang out

Message: Totally totally love your site. My friends and I would like to hangout on a Sunday. Where would you recommend. Ambience is key...#Selfie moments. Food has to be amazing since most of the jokes will be critiquing the food
— RB

NOSA: RSVP sounds like exactly what you're looking for. The ambience is fantastic and if Instagram has told me no lies, the pictures there always bang. 

FOLLY: Nosa is right about RSVP and pictures - it always clicks. Ginger Tapas is also an option, sharing plates would be cute for a girls hang out. La Verandah also has lots of natural light and great food, you pictures will definitely go platinum on Insta. 

Subject: Pastries and Ice Cream

Message: Hey guys, wonderful work here.

My boss wants to take the team out for the evening tomorrow? We are looking at getting pastries and ice-cream somewhere in VI. Kindly suggest somewhere with great ones and ambience. In the alternative, maybe somewhere we can get good pizza.
— S.O.

NOSA: You guys should definitely check out Hans & Rene Gelateria. It’s at the Radisson Blu on Ozumba.

If you go with Pizza, I’d recommend La Taverna, if thin crust is your thing, or La Verandah, if regular crust is your thing.

FOLLY: I'd say go with Hans & Rene. Everyone would love it. 


Subject: Birthday Dinner

Message: Hi guys, I am planning for my birthday dinner for about 15 friends and I am a bit confused as to where to go to.I want a chic and affordable place. thanks.
— T.A.

NOSA: If this birthday is on Wednesday/Sunday, you have to jump at pizza & wine at La Taverna. If it isn't, I'd say Petit Paris but I doubt they fit take 15 people in that place. You should give Basilico a shot. It won't blow a hole in your wallet, but the food can be hit or miss if you stray outside the pastas. 

FOLLY: People seem to love Crust & Cream for things like this aka birthday dinners. It's not my favourite place, but others love it way more than we do, and so you may too.