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I have been searching for chicken wraps everywhere in Lagos. I cannot seem to find anyone apart from the healthy ones at green grill house and I’m not really looking for the healthy ones lol. PLEASE HELP.
— O.E

FOLLY: LOL, everyone is trying to brand their chicken wraps as healthy huh?#fitfam. Crust & Cream has chicken wraps. I'm not sure if they are any good as I've never ordered it but maybe you could check it out for us ?

NOSA: I actually got theirs one time. I ate it the next day and it wasn't bad. It guacamole in it too.  Now, I'm not sure if that really means anything but you can always be our guinea pig.

If any reader knows any others, feel free to drop a line in the comments.

Hi Folly, Nosa

I absolutely love your blog. Its a breath of fresh air for me.
I’m turning 21 this September and I would like to take my friends to somewhere really nice but affordable because...undergrad struggles.
I would like somewhere comfortable with great food and/or drinks or dessert-ish ‘food’
It could be somewhere we could have a dinner or just hang out. Any suggestions?
Thank you and please, do keep up the great work.
— D.U

FOLLY: Ooooh 21 is a big deal! Mine was rubbish, yours shouldn't be.

For starters, you might have to compromise a bit on affordability/coziness/food/drinks/desserts because right off the top of my head, most places in Lagos that combine all 5 usually are $$$. 

That said, my pick for nice ambiance and great drinks is Posh Cafe. They have dessert but I'm not sure of the quality.

NOSA: Eh, you don't want to celebrate 21 at Posh Cafe. There's nothing too special about it. 

FOLLY: For food, desserts (particularly love their tiramisu and chocolate mousse), and ambiance, I'd recommend La Taverna. Shame they don't have a full bar in terms of cocktails. What they do have is wine, and wine is bae.  

NOSA: He also makes this tiramisu with a wafer base sometimes, the thing is fire. La Taverna is a bit hit or miss, we really like it (like, we're there every Wednesday) but a couple of readers in recent weeks haven't had the best experience. My pick would be either Crust & Cream or Orchid Bistro

FOLLY: I'm not sure if La Verandah is affordable per say, but it's definitely not expensive. The space is so cute and the food is amazing. 

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