You Asked and We Listened

This restaurant has closed down

Ginger Tapas n' Grill

Ologun Agbaje Street, Victoria Island, Lagos

0818 781 3511

FOLLY: So we went to Ginger Tapas way back when no one used to read this blog. We thought it was so-so, and haven't been back since. A reader left a comment last week and suggested we check it out again, and Nosa was all in but I wasn't.

I tried to dodge but Nosa is persistent and he'll just keep suggesting it till you're out of excuses. 

NOSA: Well, I always felt like never gave Ginger Tapas the benefit of doubt. That whole "hair in guacamole" thing could've been a freak occurrence. 

ginger tapas and grill

FOLLY: Not having much interest in this adventure, I let Nosa order for us when we got there. He ordered the Ginger Q Chicken , Patatas Bravas, and Honeysuckle BBQ Ribs. Oh we tried to get Chips & Guac but the Chef said the avocados weren't ripe enough, thoughtful of him, no? Ripe avocados would have been nice though.

ginger tapas

NOSA: We ordered the Ginger Q, which I'm so sure is the BBQ chicken at Ginger Tapas. That thing isn't BBQ

ginger tapas ginger q

FOLLY: The Ginger Q chicken was nice, but wasn't what was described on the menu.

NOSA: The chicken tastes like chicken suya from Buka Hut. 

ginger tapas patatas bravas

FOLLY: The Patatas Bravas were potato cubes sauteed in palm oil. Again the menu didn't describe these as such. If it did, we for sure wouldn't have ordered them. I can buy this on the road for a fifth of the cost or go home and DIY it for even way less.

NOSA: The dip was a little disappointing, I don't know what I was expecting, but this wasn't it. The palm oil potatoes were strangely endearing. Like, in my head I'd go, "this is the last one" and somehow I'd take another. 

FOLLY: There was also one flavour I couldn't quite place my finger on in this, it might have been cinnamon. 


FOLLY: The Ribs were by far the best item we got and they were also as described on the menu which was a relief.

NOSA: The ribs were so tender. Not "fall off the bone", but really tender. Might be the second best in Lagos, right after BBQ & Cravings.

FOLLY: Obviously with tapas, you expect the portion sizes to be smaller but I felt like at least a fourth rib would have made this plate complete. ps. If we're keeping tabs, worst ribs so far would be at Zenith Water Margin.

NOSA: Abeg abeg, don't give me that "tapas" thing. They're mad stingy with these ribs. At N3000, this comes out to N1000/rib. You can buy one chicken+beef+sausage shawarma from Best. You can't sell me on the quality either, for the same price you get more quantity AND quality at BBQ & Cravings.

FOLLY: All facts.


FOLLY: Ginger Tapas is a good restaurant. It's just not a place I'll ever go to when I'm hungry because you'll have to spend a lot of money to get a decent amount of food, which is not the point of tapas. It's perfect if you're going out as a group and the point of the meet-up is to socialize and NOT to eat, in that case you can just order a bunch of tapas to complement your conversation. 


Honey Suckle BBQ Ribs - N3000

Ginger Q - N1600

Patatas Bravas - N1500