Crust & Cream Brunch

Crust and Cream

11 Musa Yardua Street. Victoria Island, Lagos.

01 295 8105

FOLLY: If you follow Eat.Drink.Lagos on Snapchat (EatDrinkLagos), you'd know we did the most on the day we went to Crust & Cream.

NOSA: The absolute goddamned most. I'm still recovering.

FOLLY: There was fuel scarcity in Lagos last weekend and we had almost run out of diesel at my house, so I was resolved to be out all day so I wouldn't have to stay in the heat. 

We started with brunch at Crust & Cream 'cause Nicole had recommended it over dinner at La Taverna.

We've gotten mixed reviews from people who had been to Crust & Cream before and shared this with Nicole. She agreed that they may be hit or miss at dinner time but that for breakfast, they sabi the work.

NOSA: A little aside, I actually get concerned when people have a bad time at restaurants we liked. Anyway, as you were. 

FOLLY: We decided to go to Crust & Cream yet another time.  

NOSA: Last time we were here for the blog, we pointed out how weird the space is. It's still weird, but this time we checked out the Smoker's Lounge. It smells like this weird mix of tobacco and coffee. Absolutely love it!


We got the Chicken Tenders to start. I wonder why they call these things "chicken tenders" because no chicken tender I ever saw was built like this. I mean, THESE are tenders...


More like chicken "strings", amirite?

These "tenders" are just like the ones at Chocolat Royale, but plot twist, they taste like chicken! The wasabi sauce thing it came with with 10 flame emojis tho. 

FOLLY: I initially ordered the English Breakfast but I got the American Breakfast - no the restaurant didn't make a mistake, Nosa pulled a fast one on me. Nosa ordered the Nigerian Breakfast.

NOSA: You know how you want 2 things on the menu, but you can only get one so you make your date get one of your options? Well, I do it all the time to Folly. Jedi mind tricks. 

american breakfast

american breakfast

NOSA: I got my Nigerian breakfast with boiled yam. You guys probably don't know, but I'm a legit "Yam & Egg" champion. One time, at NYSC camp, I hadn't eaten in 3 days and started feeling sick. Hit up mammy market for that Yam & Egg and I came back to life. Yam & Egg saved me, fam.

The yam portion might be on the tiny side. Either that or it's just my greed talking. Crust & Cream's "egg stew" tastes just like the one your mother makes. Well, that's if your mother has the hands. Sucks to be you if she doesn't. 

FOLLY: The hash browns were simply amazing. And then when I ate it together with Nosa's egg stew it was just so delicious. 

NOSA: The hash browns reminded me of the ones at IHOP. They're shaped differently obvs, but they both have that shredded potato texture. 

FOLLY: The bacon and the sausage were my least favourite thing on this plate. The sausage was a Chi Breakfast sausage, I know cause we buy it in my house. 


FOLLY: I missed out on my mushrooms cause Nosa ordered this thing for me. I've not had French Toast in a long time so I don't even know how to rate the thing properly. The bread they used to make this (probably from their bakery) had a hint of sweetness - I liked it.

The pancakes were a cross between American unsweetened fluffy pancakes and the denser, sweeter version the Brits enjoy.


NOSA: I won't lie, it was a bit weird paying so much for something I eat on the regular at home. Perhaps this is what the cook's Yam & Egg is worth on the open market and I don't appreciate it because I never have to pay.


Chicken Tenders - N2200

Nigerian Breakfast - N2800

American Breakfast - N3300