Ask Eat.Drink.Lagos II

Hey guys

I’m N and I’m a secret foodie. I came across your blog in Twitter and I can say I’m impressed with how far you go for us to find good quality food in Lagos.

So my Question is where is the best sharwarma in Lagos, I grew up in Lagos and I was hooked on bops in dolphin estate, I still think they have the best but the quality and size has reduced(maybe I just grew up) I’ve tried a few but bops is definitely my best for now.

Btw I think a cold beer is the best beverage.
— N

NOSA: Bops was the wave when I was in secondary school, then they started increasing the price. Anyone else notice how Dolphin started turning to rubbish with each Bops price increase? That was just God punishing them.

We're still Searching For the Best Shawarma in Lagos though. Nothing concluded yet. Well, Churrasco has the worst one in Lagos. 

FOLLY: I feel like nowadays in Lagos the 'shawarma of the moment' changes every year. However, if I had to crown one the reigning champion, based on popular opinion (which I vehemently disagree with because I found a chicken bone and skin in my shawarma from there twice) it would be Ebaeno supermarket. 

Yaaay! I really am glad to be on the list.

I discovered the blog around 2am today and I was hooked till 4am. Nice style of writing... Are folly and nosa besties or something? Can they put their info on the blog? Pleeeeease? Oh and shisha? Is that even legal?

K, bye.

I tend to talk a lot when I like something... Or someone. You get my drift.
— A

NOSA: Want to know about Folly & Nosa, read THIS. And no, I won't be putting my info on the blog. I don't want somebody's daddy banging on my door because I called their restaurant rubbish. 

FOLLY: Thank you :) 

Yes, shisha is very legal. I think you may be confusing it with salvia, which a few countries have passed regulations about its use and consumption. 

Hi there,

I’m B, I run a culinary club for kids. To celebrate Children’s day, I would like to take them on a culinary tour where they can meet with a Chef, a demonstration for them and and also have lunch.

I actually wanted to use Cactus, but the kids would only be allowed into the kitchen between 4 and 6pm, which is late.

Are you able to recommend any spots?

— B

NOSA: This is a bit of a toughie. If any of you readers have an idea, drop a note in the comments. I bet Chef Cristian at La Taverna would be down though. He's a proper stand up guy so he might help. 

FOLLY: Or Sakura. Depending on the size of your group, which I imagine won't be too large, you can book the hibachi room here and the kids can watch a live demonstration of their food being prepared and then have lunch right away. 

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