NOSA: For some reason, "Day Drinking" isn't really a thing in Lagos. You people love your night rocks in your various dens of iniquities way too much.


FOLLY: It pains me to admit this but I can't really hang like that anymore for night time rocks, so I'm all about day time festivities and outdoor activities now.

NOSA: Don't worry about it though. Eat.Drink.Lagos is here to save the day. We have built the only Day Drinking itinerary you'll ever need. 

9:00 AM

Wake up

NOSA: First things first, you need to be safe. Don't drive around drunk. Na beg we dey beg you. Get a designated driver or a taxi for the day. If you don't have an Uber, sign up with our little uber code.

Now that's sorted...

10:00 AM

Place - Cafe Royale

NOSA: Shoutout to @TheBlackHermit for this tip. Cafe Royale might be the only place with alcohol that opens early.  A shame NAFDAC has put them under pressure. #FreeCafeRoyale.

FOLLY: Their margaritas are the real deal. Strong, but not impossible to drink, and icey, but not watered down. I wonder how they do it. NAFDAC should please allow Cafe Royal upstairs to re-open but Chocolat Royale should probably stay shut, their pastries taste like they were baked 2 years ago. 

NOSA: Chocolat Royale and their scraps macarons that taste like Okin "four-corner" need to be banished forever. 

Drink - Pineapple Margarita


12:00 PM

Place - The Foundry

NOSA: At this point, you probably need to eat and you can get a half decent Full English at The Foundry. This isn't a timeout, your drinking isn't over. 

FOLLY: You could also try the Smart Naija, it's usually a virgin drink but you can ask for it to be made with a splash of rum. 

Drink - Mexican Beer


2:00 PM

Place - 355

NOSA: Time to get back on track with the drinking. Your next move is 355.

FOLLY: Since you're not trying to finish all your money, if I were you I'd pass on the Worst Behaviour and do a wahalarita instead.

NOSA: If you drink the worst behaviour, just call it a day. Bank balance ghost. 

Drink - Wahalarita


4:00 PM

Place - RSVP

NOSA: Time for a little lunch break. The key to day drinking is proper hydration and food. You're trying to get drunk, not die abeg.

FOLLY: The pomegranate seeds are my favourite part of this drink. 

Drink - Copa del Lebanon


6:00 PM

Place - Posh Cafe

NOSA: Last stop for the day is Posh Cafe. Don't worry about the food here, just get you some shisha and a drink. 

FOLLY: And dessert, they have a couple of options here. Reward yourself with that extra slice of cake, you've earned it....in a way. 

NOSA: You've hit the final stretch and you're not dead. You're probably unbelievably drunk, but you're not dead. Victory is yours, brother. 

Drink - Henny Berry


DISCLAIMER: Please get an uber for this. We want you to still read our blog because we love you guys.