Ask Eat.Drink.Lagos I

Last week, we decided to start our little Food-gny Aunt column called "Ask Eat.Drink.Lagos". You tell us what ails thee, and we find you a solution.  Names have been edited and contact details removed for obvious reasons. 

Hi Eat, Drink lagos,

I’m looking for a really nice spot, somewhere with amazing food and not too loud music. It’s anniversary night next week nd I need help!!!!

— M.

FOLLY: Hey M! I'd recommend 1415 at Eko Signature or Mansilla. 

1415 is an Italian Restaurant and we went for Nosa's birthday and it was simply perfect. 

Mansilla is more continental. And guess what ? If your anniversary dinner is between Tuesday and Thursday of this week, you and your Mr can get the special tasting menu we had at Lunch Club over the weekend, I promise it'll be quite the treat. 


I’ll be hosting my Unit/Team Bonding Session this month and I want to take them to dinner.

Can you recommend any really really amazing spots on the Island, cost notwithstanding, to feed 14 people and give them a good time on a Thursday or Friday?

Thanks a million!

— V.

NOSA: Do you really really need to feed them? Can it be like "there's food, but we really want to drink"? Because I totes have the perfect spot for that. You can try this pretty new spot in Ikoyi called Posh Cafe, which might have the most chill space in all of Lagos. The food isn't spectacular but the drinks and ambiance are. 

If your coworkers really have to eat, however, you can opt for RSVP. You can't go wrong with the food and the bartenders sabi the work. 

Thank you!

I’ve just been relocated to Lagos with my partner and just came across your blog. I was a bit apprehensive when it came to the eat&drink scene in Lagos-I’m one of those people who dream about their next meal while eating a meal- but your blog has given me a sparkle of hope (along with dozens of addresses I need to try :) ). Moreover, a big thank you for the list with Happy Hours. At least I can drink myself through Lagos ;)
— A.

NOSA: This really warmed my heart. Thank you for reading our blog and we're really glad we've helped you ease into Lagos. It's a little rough on the edges and traffic is the worst, but Lagos has its little bright spots. 

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