The Lunch Club: Mansilla

Five months. Five Lunch Clubs. 

When we decided to have the first lunch club back in January, honestly we didn't think this far. Lagos is too defined by its night life scene and we wanted to propose something different. We're glad we did it because it's always an amazing time.

This one sold out in in less than an hour, much faster the last one. Crazy stuff. It has really given us a bit of a conundrum to deal with. Do we risk intimacy and increase the numbers to satisfy demand or do we keep it as is? The entire reasoning behind the small number is to encourage a singular conversation on the table. To have completely random people meet each other and share perspectives on things. Having lunch with a bunch of people that you've only just met may sound odd but it's never really and the conversations always flow naturally. And by keeping the numbers small, we can really have one conversation. It sounds #FakeDeep, and perhaps it is, but we really gave it a lot of thought. Maybe one of you will find love on our table lol. 

This month we visited Mansilla, the restaurant formerly known as Wott To Eat. Mansilla is a fairly new restaurant on Musa Yaradua Street and it’s right in the heart of Lagos’ little food district in Victoria Island. Seriously, there are like 10 restaurants on those streets off Idowu Martins. We were here for brunch a while ago and we really loved it.


Mansilla offered us what might be one of the more interesting tasting menus i.e. you get to try everything listed on the menu, we've come across so far. If you couldn’t make this month’s Lunch Club but still want to try out this tasting menu, stop by Mansilla from Tuesday to Thursday this week. They’re offering it for N8000. It’ll make a great date. 


Back to the drawing board for the next one. It has to top this somehow. 

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