Folly's Birthday Dinner

Sky Lounge @ Eko Hotel

1415 Adetokunbo Ademola St. Victoria Island, Lagos

01 277 2700

FOLLY: Last time we were at Eko Hotel for dinner, it was Nosa's birthday and we checked out 1415 Restaurant. And now we're back for mine because society has told us birthdays are an appropriate reason to splurge. 

NOSA: Sky Lounge has the most amazing view. It's "propose to your girlfriend" amazing. Absolutely beautiful.

Anyway, this is about the food not the view. To start we got the Tiger Roll.

tiger roll

I thought the Tiger Roll was fantastic. It wasn't a warm roll, which is a plus because warm sushi just feels weird in your mouth. 


FOLLY: Too bad the meal went a bit south afterwards.

sky lounge sushi

NOSA: For our mains, I got the Chicken Ballotines but I really wanted the ribs. Normally, I'd incept Folly into getting the chicken, because I wanted to try it too, while I ordered the ribs. Today, I decided to be nice because it's her birthday. 

chicken ballotine

This thing was so so disappointing. The chicken was unbelievably bland. I had to mix it up with the sauce on the side just to give it a little taste. Even my iPhone camera was disappointed. Pictures no too tap.


The noodles were bang average as well. The entire plate wasn't the wave. I could've given this money to one of those bouncers at Sip instead of spending it on this meal. At least, with the bouncers, it's an investment in not getting gated when IJGBs come back into town at Christmas


FOLLY: Basically, I ordered the Short Rib because on an episode of Black-ish Bow tried to order the short rib at a restaurant. She tried because by the time Dre (her husband) was ready to place his order, the restaurant was out of short rib and Bow was mad. And then the woman seating beside her got the last short rib so Bow started eating from her plate. Welp. But that's not why we're here so I'll stop my recap here.

NOSA: The really good thing about my meal being disappointing was that Folly's was as well. We both lost.  

FOLLY: The short rib I got at Eko Signature looked nothing like the one Bow got, as mine came in red wine stew. It looked like Beef Stroganoff lowks, only that this was darker. 

NOSA: The ribs tasted like like regular "rice & stew" meat abeg.  

FOLLY: That's true. Also, some cuts were also really tender and some were chewy and tough. It made me wonder if all the strips were cut from the same "cloth" or was it a random mish mash. The beef was also quite fatty. 


FOLLY: Sadly, the mash at Sky Restaurant was really really meh. It had the consistency and weight of pounded yam. Like when I lifted up an entire one of those dollops of mashed potatoes in the pictures, the entire thing stayed together.

NOSA: Mash take style be like poundo. Low-key. 

FOLLY: Mash should never be that thick. It wasn't creamy either, I doubt any butter or cream was mixed in, it was just pounded potatoes with salt. However, when I mixed it with the stew from the short rib, it was fiyah.  

NOSA: Funny thing, it's infinitely better at 1415, which is just like downstairs. We could've just sent our waiter down instead. 


NOSA: This is the first "expensive" place I can absolutely say isn't worth the money. Carlitos Grill too, tbh, but that's for another day. If I got this same meal at Petit Paris, I'd easily shrug it off. You get what you pay for and ting. But this? I didn't get what I paid for. Could've got a steak sandwich at RSVP and sang birthday to this girl. Only the sushi was worth it.



Tiger Roll - N3700

Chicken Ballotines - N6600

Short Ribs - N7200

Mashed Potatoes - N2200