Little Paris in Big Lekki

Petit Paris Cafe

27 Fola Osibo Street. Lekki Phase I, Lagos.

0813 026 51970817 873 5826.

NOSA: We featured this place as one of our budget date spots not too long ago. The space is so small and adorable, and if there weren’t so many flies it would be perfect. It’s tucked in one of those shopping “malls” in Lekki. An Igbo man probably owns the property. Only my people can call that type of space a “mall”.

The menu is so rice-y. Different iterations of rice & stew on the thing. Like 7 of the 15 entrees have rice in them ffs.

FOLLY: I say this all the time but I must reiterate it. I hate leaving my house to eat rice there's too much godamm rice at home. 


NOSA: The calamari starter wasn’t bad, but the portion size was unbelievably tiny. I get it’s a starter, but damn, can I get like a couple of strips more?

FOLLY: I actually saw the chef lift each strip of calamari before frying it. Yeah, Petit Paris has an open kitchen - is that what they are called ? They looked much longer raw, so I guess calamari shrivels up a bit. 

I liked the calamari, it was one of the better ones we've had but we're still looking for Lagos' best. Do you know a place?


NOSA: Got the Grilled Tilapia, aka point n’ kill, as my main and I completely forgot tilapia is the one with bone all up in the videos.


The fish itself wasn’t bad, but it started grossing me out for some reason towards the end of it. The fries, however, were amazing.

FOLLY: I liked Nosa's fish. It was flaky, well seasoned,  and didn't smell like well, the catch of the day - unlike the fish that my office canteen people serve. I swear on fish days, the ENTIRE office smells like we're under falomo bridge. 


FOLLY: I got the Pomme de Terre Sautées aka Sauteed Potatoes. They also threw in some dry, chewy, and bland chicken for good measure.

NOSA: I like how every menu item is listed in French. Cute.


FOLLY: I do, however, have rave reviews for the potatoes and the creamy mushroom sauce that came with my meal. The 'tatoes may not look like much, but they weren't over boiled and were seasoned with just the right amount of herbs. 

The chicken was just really, sigh. 

NOSA: I felt your pain. Pele.

FOLLY: As per usual, I tried to order crème brûlée for dessert and it wasn't available. If you find me crème brûlée in Lagos, I just might love you forever. Heck, I'll have your babies. 



FOLLY: Petit Paris is one of the few restaurants in Lagos that's not overpriced. It's not fast food cheap but isn't 1415 expensive (1415 is totally worth it though).

NOSA: I really wish they had like a pastry selection or something. The space outside would be great to smoke a cigarette, drink some coffee, and be all round pretentious. 

FOLLY: It's like the middle class that missing in Nigeria. Good food at a great price. Lagos needs more restaurants like Petit Paris. 


Calamari Fingers - N2000

Grilled Tilapia - N3500

Pomme de Terre Sautées - N3500