Jack Of All Trades, Master Of...

Bungalows Restaurant

1296 Akin Adesola St. Victoria Island, Lagos.

0803 403 0129

NOSA: I've been here before. When I'd just moved back, to be specific. I thought it was absolute garbage tbh. I got a taco salad and the tortilla bowl was plasticky and tasted like it was made a month earlier. Maybe they had an off day. It's precisely why I don't believe in informing restaurants that we're coming in to review them beforehand.

Let's ignore the fact we don't have the hands like that for a second. If you tell a restaurant manager you're coming in the do a review, you'll never catch the off days. You'll never catch what really goes down because everyone is trying to bring their A-game. As far as I'm concerned, that's never the true state of things and it'll be mighty disingenuous to give our readers that type of review. Eat.Drink.Lagos will, under no circumstances, reveal its person while a review is going on (pree our ethics statement btw. correct something).

As long I still have the password to this blog, it won't happen under my watch. My dear Seun, that's how it works. 

FOLLY: I'm convinced Seun owns Carlito's. He claims the owners are nice, and his email address has the words "nice guy" in it. I'm sorry but your establishment is still scraps. 

NOSA: Anyway, People and places deserve second chances though, so I decided to give Bungalows another chance. Some man and his family sat beside us. The children were the absolute worst. A wise man once said,

I hate little kids. They cry. They scream. They don’t listen. They are dirty. I honestly can’t remember the last time I flew and I didn’t want to flush a crying child down the toilet. Ever seen a mother, near tears, beg her child to use her “inside voice”? Ever seen aforementioned child completely ignore that request and run off screaming. Yes, little kids are the absolute worst. This is not up for debate. Sure, you can spank them in Nigeria, but have you seen them cry? They can’t even cry with dignity! Why do you have snot all over your face because you’re crying? Why can’t you cry neatly? Have your tears stream down in an orderly manner?
— Anonymous

I digress. 

The Bungalows menu is a bit too extensive. 

FOLLY: It's also on an iPad


I don't like restaurants that have more than two cuisines on their menu. I understand that the extensiveness of a menu is a draw for some types of people that don't like to be pigeon holed, but I am not one of them. Please pigeon hole me and direct me to the promised land. 

Consequently, it was pretty difficult for me to choose what to have but I finally decided to go with sushi. I had the Crazy Naked Roll


When it arrived, I was surprised because it looked way too ricey. That made it heavy and so structurally unsound. I had to go really quickly from plate to wasabi/soy mix, and then to my mouth.

It tasted okay though, nothing amazing, but better than it looks. The rice was also softer than any I've ever had on a maki roll - that was interesting.


NOSA: In line with giving second chances, I decided to try their Tex Mex again. Ordered the Chimichangas - a deep fried burrito. Chimichangas usually come out like this,


and I got this


NOSA: But let's give Bungalows the benefit of doubt. Some places serve their Chimichangas dry (these places are usually trash) so it's not a particularly huge deal. Besides, this is healthier, right? Bungalows doesn't want me to have a heart attack mid meal. Very thoughtful of them, no?


NOSA: The Chimichangas tasted pretty good actually. Serving it wet would've enhanced the flavor to the max, but this wasn't bad. If I come here again, I might order it. One time for Bungalows for coming through with proper guac too. The side rice wasn't Spanish rice though, it was jollof like Ocean Basket's. Unlike Ocean Basket, Bungalows served me "bottom pot" jolly rice. 

FOLLY: Yeah, my Yakimeshi was basic too.



NOSA: Overall, this Bungalows experience was infinitely better than my first visit. Unfortunately, the waiters forgot we existed a couple of times, which is near unforgivable. Should you go to Bungalows? If you're in the area, why not. If you aren't, it probably shouldn't be your first choice. 


Special Naked (Ura Maki) - N2500

Yakimeshi - N1500

Chicken Chimichanga - N3500