The Lunch Club: Heels in the Kitchen x Stranger

We should have known that this Lunch Club was going to be exciting once the tickets sold out in record time. 2 hours, in fact. Like Beyonce tickets, yanno? Definitely didn't expect it, but we can’t lie, it was pretty exciting. Folayemi was on a high for the rest of that day.

One of our readers, @SekemiB, suggested we try something different this time. Instead of our traditional lunch fare, we tweaked the menu a bit. This time, we had a brunch menu complete with bottomless-ish mimosas. Funny story there, we were down to our last pitcher by the main course, so it was defs was a boozy brunch.

This was a Lunch Club with a lot of firsts for us. Our first non-traditional venue and our first collaboration with a Chef. We also had our first sponsor too! Ronke from The Sweet Spot baked a dozen of the best cupcakes. For two hours on Saturday, we had Stranger to ourselves and the lovely Chef Imoteda of Heels in the Kitchen treated us to a delicious brunch menu. 

Hate to pick favourites but can’t help in saying that this might have been our favourite Lunch Club yet. We might have to reprise it...with proper bottomless booze. 

We'd like to say thank you to Yegwa from Stranger, Chef Imoteda and her team from Heels in the Kitchen, and finally Ronke from The Sweet Spot for being the sweetest. You guys HAVE TO try her tiramisu cupcake. It's amazing! In fact, call her now and stop wasting time - 0805 998 3098.

Finally, a big thank you to everyone that came through. It was lovely having you guys and we hope we see you again. 

Interested in our little club? Sign up HERE. The next is going to be even better so you should probably get on that.