Eat.Drink.Lagos Essential

We get lots of emails from people asking us about restaurants to visit.

"My sister's birthday is coming up"

"I want to propose"

"I want to do something for date night"

Each and every one of these questions has one underlying request: what's the best place to eat right now? As a result, we've decided to build to ultimate resource for our readers. A visual representation of the "it" places in Lagos right now.

We present Eat.Drink.Lagos Essential, a continually changing map of the hottest places to eat in Lagos at any given moment. Nosa really worked hard on this so we hope you guys like it. A true labor of love. That Google Maps API is no joke, friends. 

We hope Essential regularly answers your "can you recommend a restaurant?" and satisfies all your needs. Well, except the super specific ones, our email is always open for that. 

So how do you use this thing?

When you open the page, you see a map with cute little pins indicating map locations. So you don't get lost and stuff.

Clicking on any restaurant on the list will pan the map to the location of the restaurant selected. 

Clicking on the restaurant name will take you further down the page where you'll be greeted by more information on the restaurant.

Screen Shot 2015-04-16 at 9.53.48 PM.png

Pretty simple stuff, eh?

Before you start foaming at the mouth at the non-inclusion of your favorite spot, this list is open to constant evaluation. You think some spot should be on there? Send us a message telling us why you think so and we'll definitely check it out to see if you have a point.