Another Sunday, Another Sunday Brunch


6 Musa Yar'Adua Street. Victoria Island, Lagos

NOSA: So Chef Flo saw our first post on Mansilla and suggested we come try their Sunday brunch. In her words, "...we do a nice English breakfast". Yeah, you don't need me to tell me twice. 


NOSA: Mansilla gives you a complimentary glass of juice or a bellini with your meal. You should know what we went with. 


NOSA: No need to guess what I ordered. If you've been reading this blog long enough, you should know. Your boy, the the Full English connoisseur aka the struggle bacon slayer aka the Satis evangelist, ordered the usual. 

FOLLY: I very much had plate envy when Nosa's plate arrived but you can say I deserved it after choosing such a boring option. 


NOSA: I loved the sausage. It wasn't Satis but it wasn't one of those shitty frankfurters the other places give you. The sausages were the correct English thing and the bacon wasn't struggle either. Mansilla obvs doesn't buy Chi Foods bacon from Ebeano.  

FOLLY: Totes agree on the sausage. I had the Omelette Your Way after selecting this option through a process of elimination, the details of which I would not bore you with but I'll summarize: Lactose Intolerance and fitted dress that I was going to wear in a couple of hours. 


For my three fillings, I chose onions, peppers and mushrooms. The eggs were eggs - I had to use salt and pepper to season them to my taste.

FOLLY: These sea shells are the salt and pepper dispensers at Mansilla. Creativity - 100, functionality - 0 as I'm the kind of person that would pour the whole thing of salt on her food, so I had to resort to pinching it. 


FOLLY: Nosa got these grilled mushrooms on a side plate after his main meal came. I think I love mushrooms as much as Nosa loves Tiramisu. It took so much self control for me to be patient and not eat them all while Nosa was trying to get a picture. They were well seasoned and super yummy. 


FOLLY: The only downside of my meal was my toast was a bit burned. Well, this is by my standards cause I know that this is not even nearly brown enough for some of you - and if you just nodded your head, you're a savage. 

NOSA: This is one of the better English breakfasts I've had in Lagos. On par with what the Foundry used to serve about a year ago. RIP Foundry. You'll be missed. 


NOSA: Chef Flo said they had a nice English breakfast and she told absolutely no lies. It was bit on the pricey side, however. It's not Southern Sun expensive but it's probably the most expensive Full English you'll find in Lagos. 

Oh, when we were leaving, some guy got a hidden menu item - chicken & waffles. If you read this, Chef Flo, put that on the menu and I'm in there every Sunday. 


Omelette Your Way - N3000

Cumberland English Breakfast - N4500