Maki Party At Fusion


1C Ozumba Mbadiwe Street. Victoria island, Lagos.

01 261 1888

NOSA: Despite what everyone thinks, Fusion isn’t just a sushi placeThey do Persian and Indian food as well, but I don’t rate their hands there. Got a falafel here and it tasted like akara. Should have fought them like that Orubebe man. Anyway, that’s not why we’re here.

FOLLY:  I wouldn’t get Persian food here cause I’d just go to Syrian Club.

And Indian? I'd go to Spice or Sherlaton.

NOSA: We got drinks for some reason. I think we were celebrating something. Anyway, I got the LA Iced Tea. I really thought it would be like a Long Island but with 7Up and I was so wrong. Folly got the Pink Playboy, which had a better name than taste.

FOLLY:  Were we celebrating? Maybe we were.

 The pink playboy was definitely all juice and no substance. Like all those ‘wyd’ boys aka the worst kind. Followed only closely by Yoruba boys (except my brother) – at least according to Nigerian Twitter. Ask @Jollz on Twitter

NOSA: Folly and I had a bit of a maki party at Fusion. We got the Crazy Naked, Salmon & Stripes, and the Volcano.

NOSA: Tobiko still feels funny in my mouth. [Pause]. Thing is like popping a strip of bubble wrap in your mouth. The Crazy Naked is a fave but I really thought the Salmon & Stripes was pretty quality. Tasted like wholesome Christian lovemaking. Delicious something

FOLLY: I mean I wasn't here for the roll with Tobiko at Izanagi, but the Volcano (aka the roll with the tobiko) was my fave from our Fusion excursion. 

I know I picked the salmon and stripes. It’s artistic but I disagree with Nosa, I wasn’t really a fan like that. The Crazy Naked is an old faithful but yum all the same.

NOSA: Oh, you better vote for us in that Nigerian Blog Awards thing. Sai EatDrinkLagos!


NOSA: I’d put Fusion right behind Izanagi in Lagos sushi stakes. A shame they have to share a space with that wretched Churrasco of a place. You deserve better, Fusion. You really do.

FOLLY: Pretty good bang for your buck too. You might want to order a starter or a couple more rolls than we did to be full however, cause this was definitely a light dinner. 


Crazy Naked - N1100

Volcano - N1900

Salmon & Stripes - N1350