A Reader Suggestion

Bangkok Restaurant

244A Muri Okunola Street. Victoria Island, Lagos.

01 461 91240803 307 7666.

NOSA: We really take your tips seriously. If there's a place you want us to check out, let us know. This visit was at the suggestion of one of our readers, Gbemi.

I've never really been into Thai food like that. Maybe some pad thai here and there, but never been "omg i need thai rite nau". Went into this with an open mind regardless.


FOLLY: I, on the other hand, am a huge fan of thai food. I absolutely love pad thai, and Lemongrass Thai Restaurant was (and still is) a local treasure in my College town.


Sadly, this visit was a goddam tasteless disaster. That might have been partly because I had so much sadness and anger in my heart for most of our dinner, but the pad thai was nothing like any I've had before. 

NOSA: I got the Calamari in Roasted Sauce and for some reason I wasn't expecting calamari in an actual sauce. Brain touch, perhaps. The calamari wasn't bad but it was a bit different. It wasn't like the typical calamari ring that you'd get elsewhere. It's like they just chopped the squids limbs and boiled them. Calamari is squid, right? Or is it Octopus? Or is that the same thing like "all octopi (???) are squids but not all squids are octopi"? Idk, I got a B in WAEC Biology so one of you needs to educate me.

FOLLY: It's squid. 


NOSA: The pad thai was meh. They just dumped the egg on top of it like, "BLAM!  Fuck it". 

FOLLY: I saw that and I was like wahhh that's not done. 

NOSA: In a real fatty moment, I ordered Spare Ribs after our main meal and I chowed them before I could even take a picture. The ribs weren't bad.  It wasn't fall off the bone, but delicious nonetheless. They reminded me of the ones you'd get at Chinese take-outs in London. 


FOLLY: The best part of Bangkok for me was the mojito. It was so delicious and boy was it strong - no complaints from me though on that though. I wish they had muddled the mint leaves a bit less cause when my drink started getting low, I could have sworn I was drinking ewedu.

They gave us an artisanal quality carved pineapple after dinner - a palatte cleanser of sorts. 

NOSA: Such a washman move.



FOLLY: For me, Bangkok again is no dice - but maybe we ordered terribly. I just really didn't enjoy it and this makes me sad cause I still haven't found good thai food in Lagos.

NOSA: I didn't think they were bad. I'll bring Folly here again when she has less anger in her heart. The ribs, especially, were very decent and the pad thai wasn't as bad when I warmed up the leftovers the next day. 


Calamari in Roasted Sauce - N3000

Pad Thai Gai - N2800

Spare RIb - N2400

Mojito - N2000