Caffe Tranche

Caffe Tranche

4C Olosa Street. Victoria Island, Lagos. 

0816 661 5430. 0809 124 9282.

NOSA: Before I found out about Cafe Neo, Caffe Tranche satisfied my daily coffee fix. Thank God I found Neo though. Caffe Tranche is so stingy with their coffee serving. The chicken pie at Tranche is one of my Lagos guilty pleasures, however. Absolutely love that thing.

Despite all this, I'd never had lunch there before for some reason. In fact, it wasn't until one of our readers emailed us to check it out that it dawned on me - I've never tried their food! 

Anyway, I dragged madam to Tranche with me for lunch. 

FOLLY: VI traffic is so ugly at lunchtime. Look out for more Work Lunches posts as a result. 

Is it Cafe /tran-chay/ or Cafe /tran-ch/ ?


NOSA: I got their roast chicken with the potatoes. The chicken was ok. Nothing too spectacular about it, but passable. I loved the potatoes it came with but then again, I don't think I've met a potato I didn't like. Given my love for potatoes and Guinness, I'm so sure I was an Irish farmer or something. 


FOLLY: Awks for the chicken cause it's quite the looker.


FOLLY: I wasn't too hungry but I was keen to leave my office, and even keener to have dessert for lunch because Araba's

My initial choice was crème brûlée but this wasn't available. As an aside, Lagos restaurants should just take crème brûlée off their menus if it's always going to be unavailable. For example, La Provence's cooking torch was broken for months before they fixed it.

NOSA: ...and Corona. They NEVER have Corona. 

FOLLY: So, I had their cherry cheese cake and it was a quality second place. Shame it came belly up and ruined my picture though. 


NOSA: For the price, the chicken doesn't really offer a lot of value. You can probably get better tasting chicken for over half the price at Chicken Republic. Maybe they charge you for the A/C because Olosa is always unbelievably hot. Like, God is trying to punish AfricaMagic (on the same street) for giving us Tinsel.

The chicken pie is still my shit tho.

FOLLY: If I ever find myself needing dessert for a party in the near future, I'd definitely order an entire pie of their cheesecake. 


Roast Chicken - N3200

Cheesecake - N700