Work Lunches: The Daily Bread

Our "Work Lunches" series focuses on your non-traditional food establishments, the ones without brick and mortar locations. For nomenclature purposes, we'll call them Online Restaurants

The Daily Bread

0701 274 67630806 011 6909.

NOSA: The Daily Bread was Folly's idea. She had them for breakfast and told me to give them a shot for lunch.

FOLLY: I've had them for breakfast twice this week already, and I got the Chicken Salad Sandwich both times. 

NOSA: I ordered their BBQ Chicken Burger

NOSA: The bun was ridiculously soft. Soft as a baby's bottom. Just perfect. The chicken in it was proper good as well, but the burger definitely could've done with some more of the chicken. Perhaps a little more BBQ sauce. The burger was definitely a little light in the middle,

FOLLY: That analogy is wrong in so many ways. 

NOSA: Lowkey, I expected it to come with a side of something. Fries or chips or anything. My fat ass was still hungry after this. 

FOLLY: I obviously really liked like my chicken salad sandwich as I've re-ordered it again since this time. I've had a horror experience in the past ordering a sandwich to my office for breakfast - it was NOT from The Daily Bread, but oh god that sandwich smelled like sweat and tasted like armpit.

NOSA: 😷😷😷


FOLLY: This sandwich from The Daily Bread was really good. I asked for it without pickles and mustard both times and they didn't forget. I love it when that happens.

Without the mustard, you might find the sandwich was a bit dry (I really didn't) but since I absolutely detest mustard, I was more than okay with that. 

NOSA: You hate mustard because you're a terrorist.


FOLLY: The chicken was shredded and there was more chicken in the sandwich than anything else which obviously is the point of a chicken salad sandwich and that was great. 

NOSA: I don't understand why they put a lot of chicken in yours and not enough in mine.


NOSA: The Daily Bread wasn't bad, perhaps a bit pricey, but not bad at all. And that delivery charge...ugg. Their breakfast burger and salmon burger looked interesting so I'll probably have them for lunch some other time.

FOLLY: Quality customer service, they saved my details so I didn't have to repeat it when I re-ordered. They also let you pay by bank transfer if you don't have cash and I think that's really nice. 

NOSA: Oh, and I loved the fact they texted me a whole bunch of times. Quality customer service.



BBQ Chicken Burger - N1500

Chicken Salad Sandwich - N1200

Delivery Charge - N300