Terrible Sushi At Last


Plot 1303, Akin Adesola Street. Victoria Island, Lagos

01 792 0157. 0802 761 4727

NOSA: Every time I've heard someone talk about Bonsai, they always talk up how great their cheesecake is. Yes, a Japanese place with great cheesecake. Doesn't make sense to me either. 

Anyway, we decided to stop by and check the spot out.


The Gyoza was pretty solid. Wasn't spectacular but it put in an alright shift. Some Gary Neville gyoza right here.

FOLLY: On its own the gyoza was meh but when I dipped it in the sticky soy sauce it came with, it was delish. 

NOSA: You know what really bothered me about this place? The service. The waiters were pretty nice, but the food took FOREVER to come out. It was just us and some other uncle in here, it shouldn't have taken so long.


FOLLY: With the Salmon Skin Maki, I expected the roll to have the rice on the inside and the seaweed on the outside. 

NOSA: I have been on this run of amazing sushi in Lagos. Every place I tried was awesome. Couldn't miss. All net




3-for-3. Couldn't miss. Well, until Bonsai.

Tempura Maki.jpg

The Salmon Skin Maki wasn't wavy, but my God, the Tempura Maki was a goddamn tasteless disaster. Ay Dios mio! 

The. Absolute. Worst.

FOLLY: The tempura was oily and dense. Absolutely zero flake. The shrimp was also very tough. 

NOSA: I'll give them credit though. Tempura maki is a genius idea on paper, execution no just tap.


NOSA: The Udon noodles were bang average as well. 

FOLLY: There was an over powering taste of ground cray fish in this, just like the type they sprinkle in Nigerian soups. It tasted better when I doused it in soy sauce.

NOSA: Yeah, not a lot of positives from this trip. But on the bright side, they have this really huge screen that's excellent for watching soccer. Anyway, we gave Bonsai a chance to redeem themselves and we ordered their famous cheesecake.


It's not really a looker, tbh.

FOLLY: Uh huh, the top of it looks rather eggy right ? Thankfully that isn't how it tastes. 

So how was it ?

It was really nice and sweet but it didn't have the crumbly crust that cheesecake normally has and that's kinda important to me. And the "strawberry coulis" is jam abeg. 


NOSA: This place is pretty inexpensive so I guess you get what you pay for. Some of you might come here and think this is excellent. Same way some of you rave about food at Cafe Royale. But you don't know better so I'll let you have it, Jon Snow


Gyoza - N1000

Salmon Skin Maki - N500

Tempura Maki - N1000

Seafood Udon Noodles - N3500

Cheesecake - N1000

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