It's BBQ, I Guess

BBQ & Cravings

Beside Heroes Furniture. Off Sabitex Hotel Road. Lekki, Lagos.

0814 000 1002

FOLLY: Nosa has been dropping hints for a couple of weeks that we should come here usually in the form of random “we should go to bbq cravings” text messages.

NOSA: BBQ Cravings isn't across the street from House on the Rock anymore. They've moved. They're now on the feeder road off the Xovar Lounge road (Sabitex Hotel road) and beside some furniture place. 


FOLLY: Over the course of lunch at BBQ Cravings, Nosa schooled me on Texas BBQ and let me know that I’ve not really lived because I’ve never had authentic barbeque.

NOSA: People in Virginia never want to accept that they've slowly become Yankees. Sure they're technically below the Mason-Dixon line but we all know the truth. 

FOLLY: Look, when I was in College we were just trying to drink. One of our traditions was to drink a fifth of alcohol (750 ml) before kick-off of the last home football game. 

NOSA: Lagosians always talk up BBQ Cravings. Calling it authentic and whatnot.

"if you're looking for real bbq, you need to try it."

Y'all know nothing. There's nothing authentic about grilled frankfurters. This place is more "Nigerian cookout" than  BBQ.  There's no brisket. No pulled pork. No mac n' cheese. No potato salad. 


FOLLY: Sounds like a cliché, but the ribs were super tender and "fell of the bone". They were also were very juicy and flavorful, defs weren't just tossed in BBQ sauce and slapped on the grill unlike the BBQ chicken drumsticks my roommates and I used to make (we put ours in the oven at 350 for 50 minutes).

idc if you judge me Nosa that's as much BBQ as I made or ate in college..


NOSA: The ribs were pretty decent. I'll respect the technique on this one. The meat fell off the bone, like Folly said. You only get that if you oven bake the ribs for an extended period before you actually grill it. I really wish it was tossed in BBQ sauce before grilling though. The messier the better uno. 


FOLLY: Wasn’t much of a fan of the Turkey gizzard.

NOSA: I actually liked the gizzards, but then again I have never encountered a gizzard I didn't like. 

FOLLY: The "boardwalk fries" were also meh. I wasn't expecting regular ass crinkle cut fries with this one. I kinda imagined that they'll be cajun fries or at least be seasoned in some way uno. 

NOSA: You should definitely get the wedges over the fries. 


FOLLY: The patty in the burger was good...enough. It wasn't juicy at all and there was just a little bit of pink left in it. I forgot to specify how I’d like my burger cooked but then again I wasn’t asked by the waiter.

bbq cravings burger

NOSA: The burger was alright. Nothing really spectacular. I'll put it a notch above Johnny Rockets and several notches below RSVP. The thing with burgers is, don't get them well done. That's why I'm a huge fan of the ones at RSVP, you can explicitly ask for the patty to be medium rare. A well done burger is only as good as the bun. Look at Mr. Biggs burgers, for instance. Heck, the same thing applies to a well done burger at RSVP. Anywhere the bun goes, the burger goes and that's something you don't want. Your bun shouldn't have more of a personality than your patty. Don't be afraid of the pink, brethren. 


FOLLY: BBQ Cravings is an outdoor restaurant and they only have one fan. So in baff twize a day sun like on the day we went, it's not very conducive. What that means is that if you're a girl, your multiple layers of foundation will melt and maybe your lipstick too if you order ribs.

NOSA: For what it is, BBQ Cravings is pretty quality. If you come in here without the expectations I had, this place is perfect. It's not the typical experience, which is a plus. Personally, this won't be a place I frequent regularly. Perhaps you will, but I won't crave their BBQ enough to drive to 3rd roundabout. 

FOLLY: I think BBQ Cravings NEEDS to get more fans and/or adjust their opening hours to be from about 3pm aka late afternoon till late. Within that time frame, it wouldn't be a bad move for an early dinner or late lunch or even late night too if they weren't out in boondocks.


Ribs & Turkey Gizzards with Double Potato Wedges - N4000

Bacon Crave Burger - N2500