The Best View in Lagos

Uptown @ The Avenue Suites

1390 Tiamiyu Savage Street. Victoria Island, Lagos

01 903 3300

NOSA: The pictures we took probably won't do it justice but I was so blown away by the view at Uptown. Like, as soon I walked in and gauged the whole bants, I actually said "wow" out loud. It was that pretty.


NOSA: The space is so gorgeous too. I don't get why Nigerians don't fancy natural light like that.

FOLLY: It's the best. When I grow up my house is going to have so much natural light.


NOSA: Your mothers are out here putting those big ass curtains all over the place. Whole house looking like a dungeon. smh

FOLLY: People might mistake them for being poor if they don't have them. 

NOSA: Anyway doe, enough about your mom. I got the Chicken Escalope while Folly got the Tagliatelle al Salmone.


I absolutely loved the mash. It was just so perfect and the consistency was also excellent. It looks funny in the picture, but trust me, it was delicious. My favorite part of the meal tbh. 

The escalope, itself, was such a let down. I expected it to be so much better. The one I had at Petit Paris was infinitely better than this. The batter had this ridiculous eggy vibe. 

FOLLY: It was also lacking a lot of seasoning.

NOSA: That too! No bueno at all. Next time, I'm getting pasta. 

FOLLY: Uptown was super generous with the portion size and the smoked salmon in this pasta. Might not look like much from the picture but it was a large portion.


NOSA: I really liked Folly's pasta. In fact, I wish I got it instead. Maybe I'm subconsciously comparing my escalope to her pasta, but whatever, I thought it was really good.

FOLLY: To be honest, I enjoyed it for the most part but without adding black pepper and salt, I found it a bit bland. 



NOSA: Despite a little misunderstanding with the bill, I thought the service was really great. I'll definitely be here again because it's so close to my office and I want to try the sushi. 

FOLLY: Let's just say I got really upset.

NOSA: Want to tell them about how you wanted to fight the waitress or nah?

FOLLY: Nah, but they (the waitresses and the waiter) are all stupid.  


Chicken Escalope - N4,800

Tagliatelle al Salmone - N4,320

House White - N1200