Ask Eat.Drink.Lagos XXIX

Before we get into today's business, let's answer a question we've gotten a lot on Twitter

"Is the food at the Eat.Drink.Festival free ?"

FOLLY: No, it's not.

NOSA: Some vendors might choose to give out food for free, but it's really at their discretion.

FOLLY: These businesses are the livelihoods of all our partner vendors, so it would be great to reward them with money for the food they have taken time to prepare for us. Like a "Hey! This is delicious, here's my money".

Additionally, from the menus that some of the vendors have shared with us, a lot of the food is very decently priced so you won't have to liquidate your fixed deposit for this one.

Certainly, it would be nice to do on open call to the entire Nigerian internet for a free food festival, but we're not there yet.

NOSA: This is actually an idea though. Maybe GTBank can sponsor it. Don't think they made money from NdaniTV so we know they have no qualms with flushing money down the toilet for marketing purposes. They can spin it as a acquisition thing. You need sign up for a GTB account to enter LOL. Look, if any GTB person is reading this and wants in, you know where our email address is. 

Anyway, back to the business of the day. 

Subject: Dinner Party

Message: Hi Guys,

First of, awesome blog! I’ve been an ardent reader of your blog for almost a year now. Great work you guys do! So...I would appreciate your input/suggestions for a restaurant for a dinner party. Looking at 20 or so guests. Somewhere aesthetically pleasing (ambience is EVERYTHING) and also with a not too crazy per head cost. As you say, I want to stunt small for the gram (covers face). Please Island recos only.

Thanks Nosa and Folly!

xxx K
— K.A

FOLLY: Red Restaurant might the place for you. Surely, the food won't blow you a way but with that view and the decor, the gram will, without a doubt, be tensioned.

NOSA: I'll do you one better, book the Hibachi room at Sakura.

Hello Nosa/Folly..
I’m developing a fever planning a surprise birthday for a friend. The location is my major problem because I really don’t any reasonable/affordable restaurant on the mainland(ikeja at best) with good buffet servide and can accommodate about 15 people, also picking of menu, supporting the surprise too in terms of offers and decor.. I’m sinking the due date is in less than 2 weeks. HELP PLEASE!!!
— T.T

FOLLY: Zen Garden and Orchid Bistro are solid options. Luckily for you, both are right next to each other on Isaac John so you can easily check both out to weigh your options. Orchid Bistro makes really nice cocktails too, so I hear.

Subject: Pictures of restaurants

Message: Hey Guys,

Great job. Can you please put pictures of the actual restaurants too. Some of us are looking for great ambience, we can manage the food if we’ve got great ambience
— J.G

NOSA: We'll look like some weirdos doing a photoshoot at a restaurant. It's already weird that we stand up to take food pictures. I mean, I can describe the ambience if it's something that stands out. I got a B in WAEC English and I swear I know more adjectives than "awesome". Maybe I'll sneak a picture here and there, but I'm not doing a photoshoot. Maybe Folly will, but bad man like me nuh do that, fam. 

Subject: Frankfurters

Message: Hi guys.
Any idea where I can get genuine/authentic Frankfurters to buy in Lagos for home consumption please?
Franks are the best sausages ever created! However, the frauds being sold in supermarkets as Franks are not Frankfurters and i’m fed up of wasting good money on crappy sausages. Basically been put off buying sausages in Nigeria. Thank you!
— B.B

FOLLY: I don't do much grocery shopping so I'm not the expert on this. If you're around Victoria Island or Ikoyi, Deli's on Akin Adesola will most likely sort you out.

NOSA: Just check out all the grocery stores that foreigns like: Delis, Rennie's (on Cameron), 9-to-7, and L'Epicerie. You'll strike gold at some point.