The Best Restaurant in Lagos - 2015 Edition

NOSA: This is a debate we almost all the time. Either on Twitter with our followers or between ourselves. We've eaten at about 80+ restaurants this year so should be able to crown the best one, no?

The decision was a lot easier than we thought it would be to be honest. I like Delis a lot but ultimately, we both agreed on RSVP.

FOLLY: Deli's is much newer than RSVP so they are not yet confirmed you know. Posh Cafe was opened in June and it's already no more, we need to make sure Deli's is really in this food business. 

NOSA: RSVP might be very expensive, I'll give you that, but there isn't a place in Lagos that comes close in terms of quality of food. You can definitely make a case for the price not matching the food served, but when you honestly think about it, what other restaurant would you pick?

FOLLY: Maybe 1415 but I haven't been there often enough to make that call. I can't even pick Izanagi cause when you order something that's not sushi it's never as good. 

NOSA: And on that note, we want you, our readers, to pick your own restaurant of the year. Vote in the poll below and leave your notes in the comments.

The "EDL Readers' Choice Award" lol. Let's have some fun with it. 

What's the best restaurant in Lagos? *

If you vote "Other", let us know who you think it is. 


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