What's Your Favorite Restaurant in Lagos?

FOLLY: Taverna, RSVP,  or Crossroads

NOSA: Delis, RSVP, or Crossroads...so yeah, our favorites are more or less the same.

FOLLY: So one key thing with Lagos restaurants is consistency. You never really know what you're going to expect because even though it was good last week, doesn't mean it'll be tomorrow. Hey! Posh Cafe was still here just last month, but now I'm hearing it may have vanished into thin air.

We decided to qualify these restaurants as our favourites rather than the best because all this "restaurant stuff" at the end of the day, is really subjective. 

NOSA: Idk what she's talking about. We're going to have a poll next week to end this debate.


NOSA: In the last 2 or 3 weeks, I’ve eaten at Delis at least 10 times. 





Everything. One afternoon, I was like the only person in there. The owner walks to my table and hands me a slice of tiramisu on the house, as per loyal customer. The tiramisu was dead, but that’s not the point.

Their roast beef sandwich might be my new favorite sandwich in Lagos. Yes, over RSVP’s steak sandwich. And they have Dos Equis. 

La Taverna

FOLLY: I love Taverna because for me pizza is comfort food. I absolutely love going to Taverna on Wednesday night for "Pizza Night". There was a three month period, between August and October when Nosa and I were at Taverna almost every Wednesday. It was only until when we had that Birthday Party shindig, that we realized we'd OD'd on Taverna and decided to take a break. Back at it now though, heck I may even go tonight. 


NOSA: I’m so dead for Tex Mex. You guys don’t even know. You don’t even know at all. The burrito at Crossroads has proper refried beans. Like, the real stuff.

And the fish tacos? LITTTTTT!

FOLLY: At Crossroads, I always get the fish tacos.I think I love the space as much as I love the food. 


FOLLY: Finally RSVP. Yes it's expensive and not probably worth it but I honestly haven't had a negative experience at RSVP. From my experience, and mine only, it's been consistently good since last year and I understand that not everybody agrees on this and that's okay. What I'm really trying to say is that it's okay for you to hate RSVP and for me to like it, it's okay, in fact it's normal. 

NOSA: RSVP is one of those touchy things on the Twitter because of the price…and that’s fine, but what you won’t deny is that it’s probably the best restaurant in Lagos. If money wasn’t and issue, RSVP would be the spot. 

FOLLY: So, what are some of the restaurants you've enjoyed in Lagos this year ??