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NOSA: xxx lol...this is the x-rated edition of Ask EDL ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

Subject: 21st birthday brunch

Message: Hi guys! I am planning a 21st birthday brunch in lagos and I was wondering if I could get any good recommendations (places on the island only) so far I have thought about Bistro 7 and Crust and Cream. A friend was telling me about somewhere new that has just opened called the breakfast club. But I am yet to try it. Your recommendations would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.
— D.F

FOLLY: I think either of those two options would work well. You can also do RSVP brunch if you want to be really fancy, it's only on Sundays though and from what I've seen it's not as expensive as their regular menu. 

NOSA: Breafast Club runs from 3 am to 9 am at Rooftop. It's an after-club thing and not an actual brunch. 

Subject: 21st

Message: Hi guys I was wondering where in Lagos I could have my 21st. I want like an outdoor garden type thing, itโ€™s going to be in the evening and also I want to be able to decorate it with lights all around. I am actually going for a New Orleans theme, would really appreciate your suggestions. Thank you
— B.O

FOLLY: Taverna has an outdoor garden that could work that you also may be able to decorate with lights. Basilico is another place that has a cute outdoor area. 

NOSA: We know a girl that got married at Crust & Cream. She used the outdoor area too so C&C is for sure down for that sort of thing. You're just going to have to make some sacrifices on the food side of things if you do that.

Hi , So Iโ€™ve just made myself very hungry by looking at every picture on your Instagram page.
I havenโ€™t been to lagos in a while (yes one of those IJGBโ€™s lol) and I was wondering.....please where is the best place for carbonara pasta, pesto pasta, calamari and grilled fish. Can be different restaurants for all 4 obvs :). For naija food ill probably try both yellow chilli and terra kulture - am I missing any other obvious ones?. Thank you
— A.O


 NOSA: Carbonara - Verandah, Pesto - Taverna, Grilled Fish - Farm City

FOLLY: We've tried calamari at lots of places in Lagos but to be honest it's always hit or miss so I can't really say for sure which one has the best, they've all been decent though. 

Subject: Best Place to get Snacks in Lagos

Message: Hello,

I love love love your blog. I donโ€™t think Iโ€™ve gone out to eat in Lagos since you guys started without checking out your blogs! I know you guys havenโ€™t touched on this before but I was wondering where is the best place to get snacks like chin chin and peanuts on the island. I hate mimin chin chin and want market-like chin chin because my ijgb is veryyy strong and Iโ€™m scared to go to the market.

Please help. Thank you!
— T.A

NOSA: I'm not the biggest chin-chin fan. Actually, I'm not a fan at all so I might not be the best person. Maybe someone can drop a line in our comments. Our readers usually know these things. 

FOLLY: Nor am I either, sorry.

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