Eat.Drink.Festival: Meet The Vendors II

We're very happy with the vendor line up we have for the Eat.Drink.Festival, we just about got every single vendor we were keen on except one. 

Anyway, if you follow us on Instagram, you have probably noticed that we've been spotlighting vendors at the Eat.Drink.Festival. You can check out Part I of our vendor profiles HERE

Happy Healthy Food

I bake because there’s nothing like putting a smile on someone’s face. Sounds extremely cliché but it’s an amazing feeling when a customer calls you screaming about how your granola made her day or how he never knew healthy snacks could actually taste nice.

I started HHF because I have a few allergies and I grew up with a brother who had a lot of very severe allergies. It was really difficult, he had to take his own cake and food to parties, a lot of food was banned from our household so from a young age I was forced to eat healthy. Most things such as even ketchup had to be made from scratch in order to guarantee authenticity. When I lived in London, it was much easier because there were so many options available. However moving to Lagos, I found there were very few options available to those with severe allergies or those who just want to snack healthy. Creating a healthy meal is fairly straight forward but most people really struggle when they want a snack, or they’re looking for a cake for their gluten and dairy intolerant child. I started making healthy snacks & cakes on the side for a few friends and family, until one day someone convinced me I really need to turn this into a business, and that’s how HHF was born! :)

Check out what Happy Healthy Food is serving up at the festival


Kitchen Butterfly

I cook because I love the exploration of colours, scents and flavours. I find it incredibly therapeutic. I love to cook alone, late at night when it's deathly quiet because I concentrate better. I like to cook in new/ other people's kitchens. I love cooking but baking is everything. I love how the same ingredients - flour, butter, sugar, eggs- take on different shapes and textures.

My favorite thing on my Eat.Drink.Festival menu is Scent leaf chicken curry because it uses a Nigerian herb in a new way that shows off vibrant colours and creamy but clean tropical flavours.

Check out what Kitchen Butterfly is serving up at the festival


Moo Diary

My favorite thing on my Eat.Drink.Festival menu is  the Moo Comfort- a fruity spicy whiskey swirled in vanilla ice cream & caramel sauce. Just enough comfort; the southern type.

My favorite restaurant/buka in Lagos is Urban Fuxion meets Sakura with a blend of a Buka on Oyin Jolayemi Street.

Check out what Moo Diary is serving up at the festival


Goodness Gracious Gourmet

I cook because it feeds my Soul, I'm in my happy place when I'm cooking.

My favorite thing on my Eat.Drink.Festival menu is The Creole Chicken, prawns, crab and sausage jambalaya because it literately has everything but the kitchen sink in it Lol! It's moreish andsoooo delicious. 

My favorite restaurant in Lgos is always changing, at the moment it's La Veranda @ the blowfish hotel,I love Italian food and  the Frutti De Mare pasta is consistently good.

Check out what Goodness Gracious Gourmet is serving up at the festival


Bubble Tii

My favorite thing on my Eat.Drink.Festival menu is the Christmas flavours because they all give you that festive feeling, especially our Cinnamon and Apple fruit tea with black pearl tapioca.

My favorite restaurant in Lagos is There are too many but at the moment I would have to go with RSVP for their mixologist his drinks are amazing and Fusion @Lagoon for their Sushi.

Check out what Bubble Tii is serving up at the festival